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My name is Lizzie. Welcome to Donuts + Down Dog! Donuts + Down Dog is a place for you to get real wellness tips. I created this space after retiring from my college athletic career and feeling intimidated by all of the fitness/wellness accounts on social media. If I couldn’t relate to them, who could? I wanted to see bodies that looked like mine, get product recommendations from somebody that I could trust (who wasn’t just trying to make a buck), and to learn more about nutrition than just eat half a grapefruit and an ice cube for dinner.

I know you’re busy being a boss. I know that you have a lot of shit going on in your life and that you want to feel your best. You don’t have time to run a half marathon every morning or to meditate for 5 hours each night. Donuts + Down Dog is a wellness community full of simple, actionable wellness tips that you can start using today without spending too much time, money, or energy. Here you’ll find profiles on other women crushing it at life, accessible mindfulness tips, workouts that won’t take you all day, recommendations on products I’ve tried (and loved) myself, and more.

This is not the place to be scared of calories. This is not a place to feel bad about yourself. This is a place to improve your relationship with food, exercise, and yourself. This is as much your community as it is mine.

I'm so glad you're here.

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