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Swoon Worthy Journals to Kick Start Your Journaling Practice

Notebooks are full of possibility. Writing to-do lists helps me feel like I have more hours in a day than Beyonce. Mindful journaling makes me feel like a zen master mermaid queen. Writing out my frustrations helps me move on with my day. I have multiple notebooks; a different one random purposes. They all make me wildly happy. And you know what? It’s an addiction that I don’t feel bad about.

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I Started Keeping A Journal And It Has Absolutely Changed My Life

Since taking up the practice of journaling I find that I feel a lot less stressed out. It's almost like journaling has given me more tools to manage my emotions (which I absolutely believe that it has), and when I find myself in a frustrating moment I know that I can just journal the shit out of it later. I hate admitting this, but I have absolutely become the person who will say to my husband I just really need to go journal about this right now.

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