How to Make the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

If you have been on the internet recently (raises hand), you likely have noticed that everybody is eating smoothie bows. I mean everybody. Honestly my dog would probably eat a smoothie bowl if I gave her the means to. Smoothie bowls are an incredible way to shovel high amounts of healthy things into your body with minimal work. They are the lazy girls breakfast dream, particularly when feeding company, because they look aesethetic AF but are incredibly easy to make and nearly impossible to mess up. 

I'm going to be honest with you- I will gladly eat a smoothie bowl for every meal. Who says they need to just be for breakfast? I had one for dessert tonight. I will gladly eat them for lunch. In the summer when is vaguely warm in Seattle I make smoothie bowls for dinner. They are delicious. They are addictive. They are also insanely healthy. Since I consider myself to be a connoisseur of smoothie bowls, I wanted to share all of my insiders tips and tricks with you so that you don't make the same mistakes that I've made in the past. Fun mistakes like... making smoothie bowls that that both look like dog shit and taste like dirt.

A smoothie bowl is essentially exactly what the name suggests. That is, it's a smoothie in a bowl. A smoothie with, admittedly, slightly less liquid to create a consistency that is more soft-serve than milkshake. I've found in my kitchen tinkerings that a good liquid base is key. In the interest of convenience and not adding in any unnecessary calories I like to use water as my liquid base but I've also had positive experiences with coconut milk for a little extra cream.  For my fruit, I usually just buy whatever frozen fruits are on sale at the moment, buy them in bulk to save for later, and then put about 1.5 cups of frozen fruit in each smoothie bowl I make. It's easy to add way too much fruit to smoothie bowls and they don't really store well, so less is more. 

My favorite froyo topping is gummies, so I like to use natures gummies (did I honestly just fucking type that?) and top my bowls with dried fruit. I find that cranberries are the best and the tangiest. As with any tasty treat, the more toppings the better, so I usually like to also top my SB's with some kind of tasty nut butter, a seed (chia seeds or flax seeds are my current fave), and dried coconut flakes. I love dried coconut flakes. They aren't excessively sweet and the big ones add the most perfect crunch. I could easily eat an entire bag.

Since I work a weird blogger/yogi schedule I try to make my meals as nutrient dense as possible since I typically don't follow a regimented meal schedule. Last year I discovered the glory of greens powders and, holy-moly you guys, my life has been forever changed. Greens powders pack a big nutrient punch, have tons of veggies hidden in them, and are my favorite way to be healthy when I know I won't actually have any time to sit down and eat a vibrant meal. Putting greens powder in smoothie bowls is a health-buts dream come true. Something just feels so insanely healthy about eating a bright green bowl full of fruits and veggies, even if it does happen to taste like dessert. Right now my favorite greens powder is from Activa Naturals. The raspberries in the powder give it a tangy kick that makes my smoothie bowls taste like healthy Jolly Ranchers. PLUS it has probiotics. Probiotics have many health benefits, but my favorite benefit of regularly consuming probiotics is having an epic morning poo. There is no better way to start the day. 

To learn more about natural health products check out the Activa blog, or search their shop on Amazon. Oh, and you can get free shipping on their products via their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. Phew! 

What's your favorite smoothie bowl topping, babes? The weirder the better, let's be honest.

Happy SaturYAY!

Lizzie Braicks4 Comments