12 Books to Add To Your List ASAP

Summertime reading always feels luxurious to me. There's nothing quite like laying in the sun, wearing an oversized floppy hat, sipping on an ice cold La Croix with a good book in hand. That is literal heaven to me. These are the books that I have loved this summer. They made me cackle with laughter and ugly sob and change the way that I thought about things and also inspired me to try new things. I hope that you love them.

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CBD Frosé Is The Most Perfect Drink Of All Time

In case you've been living under a rock without internet or access to civilization, frosé is exactly what you think it is- frozen rosé. It is what I like to think of as an adult slushee. It is truly divine, what dreams are made of, summer in a cup, a one-way ticket to paradise, etc. Adding CBD basically just takes all that goodness, multiplies it by infinity, and voila.

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I Started Keeping A Journal And It Has Absolutely Changed My Life

Since taking up the practice of journaling I find that I feel a lot less stressed out. It's almost like journaling has given me more tools to manage my emotions (which I absolutely believe that it has), and when I find myself in a frustrating moment I know that I can just journal the shit out of it later. I hate admitting this, but I have absolutely become the person who will say to my husband I just really need to go journal about this right now.

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