Prime Day 2019 Deals

I don’t talk about this much anymore, but I used to work at Amazon. In fact, I worked there for a pretty long time. Even though I worked in corporate as a recruiter, Amazon had a rule at time that each person within my larger organization had to work in an Amazon fulfillment center (AKA - the warehouses) for one week during their employment to understand the foundation of the business. In theory, this was a great idea! I fully believe in learning about every job, from bottom to top, of wherever you work so that you can better appreciate the work that’s being done around you.

Here’s the catch though- through some crazy internal mixup I was sent to work in a warehouse in Arizona for the first Amazon Prime Day ever. Yup. The very first one. It was pure insanity and none of us corporate folk knew how to do anything and, as you can imagine, everybody was running around like mad trying to keep up with the overwhelming influx of orders coming in. Whenever I hear the words Prime Day I want to laugh and cry thinking back to that week of madness in the warehouse. I still miss my employee discount, though.

I debated putting together a roundup of products for you because, in general, I’m just not that kind of blogger. I thought you might find this boring, but I got a few messages this morning asking where my list was and so… voila! These are all either things that I already own or fully intend on buying. I left everything else out because I don’t believe in using this platform just to sell you shit - I believe in using it to share resources. I consider deals to be a major resource, so here you go. If you find any more sweet deals (specifically anything donut related) please send them my way.

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  • Geometric Hoop Earrings - If I have learned anything in my adult life, it is that you can detract from dirty hair with an exciting accessory, such as fun earrings or a jaunty bandana wrapped around your ponytail. I normally am not a big earring person, but I have been eyeing some like these forever and they’re less than $6. YUP!

  • Apple Watch! - I have a love/hate relationship with my ancient smart watch, but once it slowly died on me I realized that it was much more love than hate. Also… I missed it. I am team iPhone until I die (much to the chagrin of most of my family), so this puppy fits right in.

  • 23AndMe DNA Test - I have wanted to do one of these FOREVER but, to be totally honest, am normally deterred by the price tag. Also... what if it tells me that I have the genetic makeup of a serial killer or something? On that note, DNA tests like this have proven helpful for helping to finally catch criminals (like the Golden State Killer!) so, as a true crime junkie, I’m sold.

  • Calvin Klein Bralette - When Calvin Klein first came back in style for the fortieth time in my life I was convinced that the popularity of their underwear was just a clever marketing ploy. While the briefs don’t really do it for me (I’m more of a MeUndies gal myself), I love their bralettes. While I don’t have the kind of rack that would make it acceptable to wear these outside the home, I do love them for lounging around the house. I started sleeping in sports bras in college to save time getting ready for practice in the morning (LOL), and now I can’t really sleep without something of that sort on. Comfy, classic, and on sale!

  • Essential Oil Diffuser - We were gifted this exact diffuser for our wedding and I genuinely really like it - although I hope you know by now that I would never recommend anything to you that I wasn’t fully obsessed with. The last diffuser that we had was a hunk of bright purple and white plastic that, while functional, just didn’t go with our whole vibe. This diffuser is cute, and also lasts for a really long time when turned on. I like putting pine essential oil in it during the holidays to make our entire house smell like a Christmas tree.

  • Echo Dot - When we first got our Dot I swore that I would never use it, and now it’s like my best friend. I lose my phone pretty often, and I recently discovered that YOU CAN HAVE ALEXA CALL YOUR PHONE FOR YOU when you can’t find it. Additionally good for alarm clocks (I like to make Alexa wake me up to anything Queen), and for playing music on something more substantial than a laptop.

  • Kindle Paperwhite - If you were to search the word “Kindle” on my site I’m sure it would come up a few dozen times - I love mine. I am all about minimalism. Investing in a Kindle has helped me seriously curb my book addiction. Ebooks in general are a bit less expensive than physical books, and now that I get my books electronically I also save a lot of space on our bookshelves - after our last move I realized how many books I owned and swore that I would cut back. I also have been using the Libby app with my Kindle. Libby syncs with your library card so that you can rent ebooks. NOW I AM NOT BUYING BOOKS AT ALL! MY PLAN IS WORKING! I am buying a Paperwhite because my Kindle is very old, and also I don’t need the added distraction of being able to watch TV.

  • Adidas Sneaker - There was a brief time in my adult life where I tried to become a woman who does not wear sneakers. Let me tell you, people, that lasted for like… a day. I have leaned in fully to my sneaker-wearing ways, and have learned that if you purchase sneakers in a slightly funky color people think that you are exceptionally stylish instead of just… cozy and maybe a bit lazy. Adidas fit my foot really well and pretty much everything I wear is grey. I realize it’s unreasonable to buy suede-esque shoes in Seattle but I JUST. DON’T. CARE.

Do you like product roundups? If they were the right fit, would you want to see more of them? Drop me a line.

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