9 Rad Things from September 2019

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This month we went on a quick trip to Palm Springs to celebrate a friends birthday. I had a few goals for this trip: get a healthy tan, take a bunch of photos, stay away from work for a bit, and to finish a few books that have been on my list since the beginning of the year.

Mission accomplished.

As a kid I loved back to school season. To mimic the thrill of fresh pencils on my own, I dedicated the beginning of the month to personal development books and podcasts - you’ll see two of the ones I really loved here.

Also featuring two more CBD favorites (duh, it’s me) and a few more items to add to my self-care routine. If you put something cute in your hair, nobody notices that it hasn’t been washed all week. You’re welcome.

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Items are listed in numerical order left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Marble trays - A few years ago I got on the minimalist wagon and have not yet gotten off. Because I work from home most of the time I also have gotten incredibly particular about what my living space looks like, and that it’s clutter free. I found myself getting incredibly irritated by all of the random (but necessary!) items on my dresser, so I bought these trays to organize things a bit more. They’re super cute, especially for the price.

  2. CBD Protein Bars* - These taste like a candy bar but somehow also are full of healthy things. Buy immediately. Cannot stop eating.

  3. Instant Camera - I was so glad that we brought one of these on our trip. In the age of Instagram it can be easy to spiral down the rabbit hole of getting the perfect photo, am I right? My friend Dessa brought her Instax along (I have the exact same one at home) and it was such a fun way to capture memories. It will come as no surprise that I ended up loving the printed candids much more than any smart phone photo that I took on the trip. SO. FUN.

  4. Cardea Auset face oil* - This face oil smells like summer and feels like liquid butter. It’s heavenly. My face gets really dry when I coach (lots of wind + time outside will do that), so this has become my remedy for keeping me looking like a cherub for the next 30-ish years. Wish me luck.

  5. Stickers! - I have rediscovered stickers in my late twenties and they are just as good, if not better, as they were when I first loved them in elementary school. If you’re wondering what do you use these for? - the answer is… everything! I put them in my journal, on work notes, on thank you cards for clients, and elsewhere. They remind me not to take things so seriously.

  6. Scrunchies + headbands - A theme on this website (and in my life) has been that of dirty hair, or hair that is alarmingly full of dry shampoo. It’s part laziness and part wanting my hair to one day finally pass shoulder length. I was obsessed with headbands in high school and am thrilled to own a few again. Plus, I feel like when I throw one of these satin scrunchies atop my sweaty bun it makes me look incredibly chic and carefree vs. just a dirt bag. Chic might be a stretch, but it does make me feel a bit more put together when I’m in a pinch.

  7. The Universe Has Your Back - This book is incredibly woo-woo, but I do recommend you read it if you find yourself on a quest for deeper mindfulness. There are lots of meditation exercises, journal prompts, and mantras. It’s enough actionable work to keep you busy for a long time. I learned a ton!

  8. Holiday CBD gummies* - I promise that I am working on a CBD gummy roundup. Really, I am! Holiday CBD gummies are a good starter CBD product. They made me feel zen and lessened my pain, but weren’t strong enough that I felt wonky, which can happen with some really concentrated CBD products. I ended up giving my bottle to a friend with an injury and he reported that they helped a ton with pain management. Also - you can use DONUTS10 for a discount on these little guys.

  9. Braving the Wilderness - I feel like every woman of a certain age worships at the alter that is Brené Brown and I, predictably, have joined their ranks! I listened to the audio version of this and loved it. I think that the knowledge here is applicable in a lot of different instances, but I found it particularly helpful for helping me navigate some murky work situations - it can be hard to advocate for yourself when you work alone.

Stay rad,

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This collection was inspired by my friend Joanna of Jojotastic - check her out!

I became familiar with a few of the items listed below because they were gifted to me. I’ve indicated those items with an asterisk* for transparency. That being said, I only share the things that I really believe in or have enjoyed. All the things listed below are things that I would buy again in a heartbeat!

Lastly, this post contains affiliate links! That means that, at no additional cost to you, I might be compensated if you make a purchase from any of these links.

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