9 Rad Things from August 2019

As I write this I am sweating through my undies and can feel a mosquito biting me in this moment. As much as I love summer, i’m eager to see it go away. My parents did me wrong by raising me in the PNW - I just can’t do the heat, guys. I live for cold weather, bopping around in a blanket scarf, and never really seeing daylight. I understand now why every vampire movie seems to be set within 50 miles of my hometown. Wait, am I a vampire? I think I need to go journal on it.

In reflecting on my August picks, it’s a lot of new staples. I don’t know about you, but for me there’s been something very poignant about being on the cusp of a new decade (I turn 30 in November!). For one, I started dedicating myself with more discipline to my supplement routine. Also, I finally bought nice face wash this year. I’m a whole new woman!

Enough rambling. Let’s dig in.


(Featuring CBD gummies, life-changing face wash, the perfect disguise for dirty hair, and more!)

Items are listed in numerical order left to right, top to bottom.

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  1. CBD Gummies* - It’s me again, talking about CBD! (and not for the only time in this post, oops!) I was sent these CBD gummies as a PR gift and am in love with them. They taste the exact same as the traditional sour watermelon gummies you get at the grocery store which, coincidentally, have always been my favorite. They’ve become part of my nightly routine because they’re a delicious treat after dinner, but also because this particular type of CBD seems to make me really sleepy. I’ve had a few friends try them and agree. So, a yummy sleepy treat!

  2. Primally Pure cleansing face oil - After a few friends (and one of my favorite bloggers) recommended this I decided that I had to give it a try, especially since my esthetician recommended at my last facial that I consider a cleansing oil. It’s definitely not cheap, but a little goes a long way. Since using it my skin looks less teenager and more put together woman in her late twenties. There’s also something oddly therapeutic about using this face oil. It makes me feel both bougie and put together at the same time. Considering I ate macaroni and cheese for lunch in sweatpants, that’s really all I could ask for.

  3. “The Interestings” - Each time I put out my monthly roundup I feel like I’m screaming THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK. The Interestings is the story of a group of friends who meet at summer camp, and then follows their journey as a friend group into adulthood. I’m still close with a lot of friends from preschool (LOL), so I felt this. Honestly, every book that I’ve ready by Meg Wolitzer has completely knocked it out of the park. Highly recommend.

  4. Kettlebells! - Since early June I’ve been working with a personal trainer. All of our workouts are 100% centered around kettlebells. I had no idea how much fitness I could gain with two of these puppies! I alternate between a heavy bell and a light bell for my workouts four to five times a week. Admittedly buying any sort of fitness weight isn’t cheap, but my KBs are truly one of the best investments I’ve made in myself all year.

  5. Iron Supplements - I’ve been taking iron supplements since I started rowing in college and realized, after talking to a nutritionist, that I was anemic. Some iron supplements are definitely better than others, and I had pigeon-holed myself into buying a monthly bottle that was way too expensive because it was the only one I felt really worked for me. After posting about it on Instagram, one of my followers (hi, Kate!) suggested that I try Garden of Life instead and they work just as well. When I don’t take my iron supplements I feel weak and exhausted. Obviously check with your doctor first, but they’ve helped me a ton.

  6. Peanut butter protein bars - These are the first protein bars that I ever ate waaaaay back in my freshman year of high school. I recently rediscovered them, and they taste just as good as I remember. I struggle to find protein bars that satisfy both my nutrient and taste needs, but these fit the bill!

  7. Bohemian headbands - In case you forgot, I’m a big fan of not washing my hair. My default is to cover my greasy mop in a beanie, but that just doesn’t fly in the summer time. I loved the wrap detail on these headbands, and the fabric is versatile enough to essentially go with everything in my (very minimal) wardrobe. Also, less than $12 for two!

  8. CBD capsules for everyday use* - Something that I get asked regularly, if not daily, is requests for good everyday CBD products. It’s a fair question - some products are too strong or specialized to be used every day. I recently tried these CBD capsules when I collaborated with Bartell Drugs and have started using them in place of something like ibuprofen. I notice them the most if I’m sore from a workout - they help my muscles relax. As always this isn’t medical advice (duh!) just my personal experience.

  9. Minimal pill case* - A few months ago I went on a quest for cute pill cases and came up with… absolutely nothing. If you couldn’t tell this list, I get pretty jazzed on my personal vitamin and supplement routine. I was looking for something that I could take with me on trips that didn’t make me look like an elderly woman with a heart problem. Not even the depths of Etsy could satisfy my urges! Somehow, as if speaking from the heavens, Port and Polish sent me their sleek pill box. It even has a little mirror!

Stay rad,

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This collection was inspired by my friend Joanna of Jojotastic - check her out!

I became familiar with a few of the items listed below because they were gifted to me. I’ve indicated those items with an asterisk* for transparency. That being said, I only share the things that I really believe in or have enjoyed. All the things listed below are things that I would buy again in a heartbeat!

Lastly, this post contains affiliate links! That means that, at no additional cost to you, I might be compensated if you make a purchase from any of these links.

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