9 Rad Things from June 2019

When I looked at all of the photos of my favorite things from June 2019 I had to laugh - can you tell that I like to be comfy and just chill? I have come to realize, now about a year into my second bout of self-employment, that I work best when I feel fully myself. That means comfortable, taken care of, and well rested. I think that all of the items that I chose to represent the month of June really represent that. Plus, rosé! I’m particularly jazzed about this months list - they are all things that I can’t stop using/wearing/talking about. Without making you wait any longer, here they are!

9 Rad Things from June 2019 (featuring Nike, CBD, wine, and more!)

I became familiar with a few of the items listed below because they were gifted to me. I’ve indicated those items with an asterisk* for transparency. That being said, I only share the things that I really believe in or have enjoyed. All the things listed below are things that I would buy again in a heartbeat!

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Items are listed in numerical order left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Nike Heritage Track Jacket - I’ve wanted this jacket since my sophomore year of high school when I saw a cool senior girl wearing it effortlessly with her Abercrombie Jeans and Uggs. A true early 2000’s icon. This came in my recent Stitch Fix and I love it! The plus-size version is on sale for UNDER $40 at Nordstrom. Run, don’t walk.

  2. Summer Water Rosé* - Have I mentioned that I love rosé? Just kidding, that’s a trick question. I’m obsessed! This particular rosé came in our Winc box this month. it’s light, crisp, and exceptionally drinkable. The bottle is also v cute which, let’s be honest, is how I would normally pick out my wine in the store.

  3. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck - This book has been recommended to me about 500 times and I finally read it! Stop yelling at me! When I finished it I was pretty pissed at myself - why didn’t I read this sooner? The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck was a great, necessary read for my anxiety-ridden brain. Despite what the title may suggest, the book is really more about honing in on what to give a fuck about, vs. giving a fuck about all the things. If you find yourself feeling anxious, strapped for time, in frustrating relationships, or all of the above, give this puppy a read. You’ll love it.

  4. Mad Ritual CBD + Curcumin Tablets* - My friends at Mad Ritual are literal queens. I’ve waxed poetic about them before. They recently launched CBD capsules (both daytime and nighttime!) and who - they are so good. If you haven’t dabbled in ingestible CBD products before, they can be a great tool for helping calm anxiety, relieve pain (I took some for cramps this morning, thanks period!), and for upping your mood. You absolutely will not get stoned, but you will notice some rad improvements wherever your body needs them. Yay!

  5. PJ Salvage Nightgown - Dan and I have been together since college, which means he’s seen me in a lot of variations of old boxers and ripped up old t-shirts. After we got married I was like well, maybe he should see me in something cute for once?? It was also, to be honest, an act of self care for myself. Cute jammies make me feel cute, even if I’m home in the middle of the day binge-watching Netflix. This one also came from Stitch Fix, but is available in a ton of different colors on Amazon. Plus, great boob support!

  6. Sanuk Flip Flops (made from yoga mats!) - I bought these a few years ago up at the Wanderlust Festival in Whistler, BC after the shoes the I packed proved to be too uncomfortable for lots of walking. I’ve recently rediscovered them (ahem - under my bed) and they’ve held up really well! They’re made from recycled yoga mats, so they’re nice and cushy.

  7. Ouai Leave-In Conditioner* - This came in my FabFitFun box. To be totally honest, I was very apprehensive about working with FabFitFun. I feel like every blogger/actress/person with more than a few followers on social media/etc., has worked with them and I wondered if the products were really that great. There were some products that I felt pretty meh about, but this leave-in conditioner is my new obsession. I’m pretty boring about my hair and find that it looks the best when I let it air dry. I put a few spritzes of this in after washing, brush it through, and then leave it.

  8. Blender Bottle (28 oz) - I had a Blender Bottle years ago that I dragged around like an extra limb - it was part of me. If you aren’t familiar, Blender Bottles come with a mini whisk ball inside that helps break down things like protein powder. The tiny pop-off top is great for workouts and driving because the opening is pretty small and it won’t spill everywhere. Sounds small, but when you live in your car like me, it’s an important feature.

  9. Me Undies Cheeky Briefs* - I live with Interstiticial Cystitis, a painful bladder condition that from time to time can make anything in my pelvis area highly sensitive. Certain kinds of underwear can make my symptoms a lot worse. MeUndies briefs are adorable (I’ve always loved androgynous underwear styles) and are truly the only undies my body can handle when i’m in a flare - previously I had to go commando. I recently signed up for a subscription and now get three pairs of undies delivered each month. I still had some undies from college so… necessary.

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What products are you loving right now? I would love to hear from you!

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Also! Just like my first post, this collection was inspired by my friend Joanna of Jojotastic. Joanna is an internet goddess; her content about small space living, sustainability, and more provide genuine value to the internet. She’s also a wonderful human who talks me down from my text spirals at least twice a week.