Vinyasa Yoga Warmup and Prep Tips Video

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Anytime you workout you probably do some sort of warmup, right? Lifting, rowing, running, etc. You all are in-tune with your bodies enough to know that when you don’t warm up your body feels like absolute garbage. This is not news.

Something that surprised me when I switched from college athletics to yoga was that very few people in my yoga classes were warming up before class. There was a lot of running in 30 seconds before the studio door locked, throwing down a mat, and jumping in. Obviously life happens (and I have absolutely been that person a TON of times), but yoga engages a ton of muscles that we aren’t really using throughout the day. Immediately jumping into practicing can be a little intense on your body, especially if you’re practicing in a hot room and you live somewhere that’s traditionally on the colder end of the spectrum (hi, Seattle).

As often as I can I like to get to class about 10 minutes early to get a warmup in. Some yoga teachers build a solid warmup into their sequence, but a lot of them don’t because of time constraints or studio rules about how class needs to be run. Knowing that, I wanted to share some of my forever warmup and prep tips for yoga. These are specific for a Vinyasa (power) yoga practice, but honestly could apply to any type of yoga because it targets areas that we don’t use during the day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend a ton of time chilling on my hands outside of yoga. For humans, this is pretty normal. If you plan to practice long term, I strongly suggest that you start giving your wrists a little extra TLC before and after class. Also your shoulders. Also just… your entire body! While yoga can be great for you, always keep in mind that you are working out and putting some body parts through repetitive motions they might not otherwise be used to. Warming up and cooling down is essential for being able to do that shit long term.

Ok, off my high horse! Video is below. If you have any other warmup tips, I would love to hear them in the comments!

Vinyasa Yoga Warmup and Prep Tips

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