Journal Prompts for Stress

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As you know by now, I love good journal prompt. Technically they don’t even have to be journal prompts. Any prompt could be for meditating, for something to ponder while you walk the dog, or something to keep you up at night. I don’t know your life!

Journaling feels.

Journaling feels.

All jokes aside, journaling has been an insane boost for my mental health. Taking the time to not only ask myself big questions, but to take the time to answer them on paper has challenged me to work through big emotions, to change my perspective, and to get to know myself better. All good stuff. My mindfulness practice has also, as a nice side effect, made me more productive. It’s a win-win!

My friend Anne owns Eastswise Health. Anne does energy work (which I know sounds totally woo-woo), but really just involves asking difficult questions and/or encouraging new perspectives. My mind likes to run a million miles a minute and, as such, sometimes ends up in some pretty weird places. Anne constantly challenges me to think of things from a different perspective or, as she said once, “flip the script”.

Flipping the script is simple. An example that I like to think of is when somebody cuts me off on the highway. My first tendency is to be like “wow, what an incredible asshole. Does she think she’s more important than the rest of us? That she’s the only one that matters?” Flipping the script and rewriting that story might be something like; “wow, she must really be in a hurry. Maybe she is late to pick up her child from school, or maybe she’s rushing to meet somebody at the hospital. I’ve definitely cut people off before, too!”

As somebody who is both chronically anxious and chronically caffeinated, I tend to worry about things a lot. Flipping the script on shit that stresses me out has been really powerful. You can do this in a million ways: rethinking conversations with a boss, reassessing some weird interaction you had with a friend via text, or just painting a different picture of a day that’s going south. I combined the idea with flipping the script with some of my other favorite stress management tactics for you in these journal prompts. I hope they help you feel a little more zenned out, and realize that the person on the highway isn’t an asshole. Just in a really big hurry and perhaps not the safest driver.

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