12 Rad Things From March 2019

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This post was inspired by my friend Joanna of Jojotastic. Joanna is an internet goddess; her content about small space living, sustainability, and more provide genuine value to the internet. She’s also a wonderful human who talks me down from my text spirals at least twice a week.

I realize that this is a post about things from March coming, like, a week into April. As a whole, March felt pretty meh. March in Seattle is always hard: it’s been grey for so long that it can start to feel the sun MAY NEVER SHINE AGAIN. Thank goodness it’s over.

Just like Joanna, items that were gifted to me for blog purposes will be marked with an asterisk. I’m not obligated to share anything here - everything included in this post was something that I was really JAZZED about in March. If you’ve tried any of these puppies, I would love to know! Stay rad, my dudes.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera 

We got one of these as a wedding gift and it is utterly magical. I take a million pictures on my phone (duh) but have only printed them out about three times in my life. I love to bring this baby on trips or bust it out when we have friends over. The photos always turn out weird and candid, which is such a refreshing change from trying to take perfect photos for work all the time.

Pure Protein Birthday Cake Bars

As much as I love donuts (hi, it’s me) I can’t get away with eating one everyday. My body would revolt. After half of a lifetime in athletics, though, I can hardly stomach another chocolate protein bar. They’re just so… overdone. The only reason that I bought these was because I needed to add a few extra dollars to my Amazon order for free shipping and the sprinkles lured me in. Let me just say, while these protein bars are definitely NOT donuts, they are pretty damn good. Miraculously these bars only have 3 grams of sugar? There is likely some sort of witchcraft and wizardry happening here. I like to have one in the afternoon when I feel the urge for a coffee or sugary treat calling my name.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Non-Greasy Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50

I recently got my first facial (I know, I know) and my technician told me, in no uncertain terms, that if I didn't start using SPF 50 I would regret it later. So I bought this. It's a spinoff of one of my favorite face lotions. HERE FOR IT.

Activated Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask by BLAQ

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of peeling a face mask off at the end of a long day and feeling as if you’ve lost a layer of skin in the process then you, my dear friend, are really missing out. I don’t know shit about skincare (let’s be honest here) but I DO know that this one has come highly recommended by many people in the know and I scare Dan every time I wear it. #SelfCare, right?

Pistola Distressed Jeans*

Why have crisp jeans when you can have ones that look like a wolf attacked them? This, my friends, is my general approach to pants. I’ve always gravitated towards pants with a giant hole in the knee, so now that I’m an adult I do what I want! I am still obsessed with the pants from my most recent Stitch Fix. Full disclosure: they were gifted to me, but that doesn’t mean that I am not fully obsessed with them. If you happen to be reading this before April 14th, 2019 (are you from the future?!) here’s $25 off your first Stitch Fix.

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Aluminum Free Deodorant*

I would love to say that I’m not a stinky person, but I also created this platform in the name of transparency. I work out a lot and, as such, can get pretty stinky. Regular deodorants and antiperspirants can clog your pours and don’t always have the greatest ingredients. As I get older, I just don’t feel super comfortable putting that kind of stuff on my body. I’ve been really into Ursa Major lately because it’s Aluminum Free, but it also actually blocks the stink - a lot of natural deodorants somehow just make you smell worse. YAY.

Oliver’s Harvest CBD Gummies*

In case you forgot (which I feel like I make VERY difficult for you to do, but WHATEVER) - I am obsessed with CBD. It’s like this magical unicorn dust that makes everything better: chronic pain, stress, anxiety, it makes my dog act less insane, etc. I’m not about to smoke CBD (or anything, let’s be honest), so these gummies are an absolute DELIGHT. I keep them on my desk and usually have one right around lunch time. I haven’t tried the sour variety yet, but they sound promising.

Blue Agate Bookend

I swore I would never get into home decor, yet here I am. Working from home has really shifted my perspective on all things design. I've been lusting after these bookends for approximately 103 years.

Old Skool Vans in Mustard Yellow

My high school colors were green and gold, which usually equated more to a vintage mustard yellow when it came time for swag orders. One of my most cherished items of clothing is a kelly green hoodie with bold mustard lettering that says VASHON TRACK AND FIELD. It’s either at my parents house or lost forever, which honestly is kinda the same thing. These vans are that exact same color of yellow and make me want to go to a shitty small town football game. Go Pirates.

Yellow Journal

The yellow train has not yet left the station, y’all. I’m always collecting journals to stuff with my goals and FEELINGS. This sweet little yellow friend seems like the perfect addition to my collection for summer. For journal prompts, inspo, and my endless love letters for journals, click here.

Everything I Never Told You

I get asked for so many book recommendations that I might as well throw in the proverbial wellness towel at this point and start calling myself a book blogger. Is that a thing? I just finished Everything I Never Told You and am a little heartbroken at how quickly it went by. It’s one of those novels that’s heartbreaking and delightful all at once. Highly recommend.

Serious Business Woman Tee

Yes, hello, I will be wearing this shirt for all important meetings and phone calls moving forward, thank you very much. That is all.

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This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no additional cost to you, I may be compensated if you make a purchase from this page. As always, all opinions expressed are my own!