Calming Yoga Poses to Chill You Out

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When I first started practicing yoga I was, admittedly, kind of a bad yogi. I walked into my first yoga studio strictly to heal a rowing injury. I wasn’t particularly interested in yoga as a practice. I liked being sweaty, I loved the routine of going to my daily yoga class on my way home from work, and I loved that I was getting stronger. The greater picture of yoga wasn’t really something that I understood. Hell, it took me almost five years of teaching yoga to even start focusing seriously on mindfulness. I know, I know. Truly bananas.

A few months ago my friend Karen came to take my yoga class. Afterwards we chatted about how my style of teaching was different from one of her other friends, who focused a lot on weaving in the more spiritual part of yoga to her classes. Without really thinking about it I said, “well to me, moving is a spiritual experience.” I hadn’t really articulated (or honestly thought about it that way) before. And honestly? It blew my mind.

Part of why I have always loved to workout so much is that it calms me physically, but also mentally. As long as I can remember I’ve been full of energy. I drink a shit-load of coffee, sure, but I also just naturally bounce off the walls of my life and talk really, really loudly. Ever since I was little people have described me as “energetic”, and while it isn’t always super apparent, a lot of my energy is really anxious, nervous energy. I realized at a young age that the best way for me to calm that energy was to move my body. I’m one of those terrible people on the internet that will proudly proclaim A GOOD SWEAT CAN SOLVE ALMOST ANYTHING! I really believe it. For instance, I don’t know how I would’ve survived losing my mom if I hadn’t been rowing. My yoga mat has rescued me from stressful times at work. Training for a half marathon helped me figure out my business. You see? Movement is basically my therapy. And for the most part, it’s free-ninety-nine!

But here’s the thing: we don’t have time to workout all the time. I know you guys well enough to know that we are all busy humans busting our butts to get things done. As much as I would like to say that I’m one of those people who never misses a workout, that just ain’t the truth. We have lives to live! We have deadlines to meet! Projects to crush! Friends to hang out with! When faced with getting things done to please your boss or doing that workout, I can almost guarantee that you will choose finishing your work. You know, because you’re a responsible adult. I’m not saying that you WANT to choose that option. But, you know, paychecks are nice or whatever. I guess.

I like to  Calm Moon Drops    solo or right before a mellow yoga class to help me  really  chill out.

I like to Calm Moon Drops solo or right before a mellow yoga class to help me really chill out.

So what do you do to find that feeling when you can’t workout? How do you find that same feeling of calm? I post about CBD a lot here, but that’s just one of many natural options for calming-the-hell-down. Recently I discovered a new product, Calm Moon Drops. Calm Moon Drops were created by a busy boss lady who wanted something that would replicate that just-left-yoga-feeling-good sensation for the times that she couldn’t make it to her mat. After some trial and error, science, and SO MUCH RESEARCH, Calm Moon Drops were born. This is what drew me in:

I searched for something that could bring this sense of calm without drowsiness, and a state of intense focus without crashing. I wanted to avoid the jitters that come with high-caffeine beverages, and the toxins of alcohol. I couldn’t find anything suitable and healthy on the market, so I quit my corporate job and took on the challenge to create something myself.

Yup, sign me up!

There are a lot of products out in the world that claim to have abundant health benefits or to make you feel a certain way. A lot of them are… terrible. Or just don’t work. Or are full of questionable chemicals I’m not about to put in my body. Or (and this one is my favorite) all of the above! I like Calm Moon Drops strictly because they aren’t like that. Their ingredients are easy to read and displayed proudly on their website, which I love. Why can’t every business be so transparent? Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

The thing that surprised me the most about Calm Moon Drops was that, while they do help me calm down, they also help me focus. I have no idea scientifically how that works (insert shrugging emoji here), but I like to think that the drops calm my bonkers energy enough that my brain is actually able to focus calmly on the task at hand, rather than jumping from tab to tab in an anxious flurry, trying to be productive. Part of my goal in life (and with this platform!) is to help us all find tools to help us feel healthier, happier, and more balanced. I look thoughtfully for things, like Calm Moon Drops, that can help us feel healthy in the craziest times: holidays, crazy work seasons, and other instances when we just don’t have much extra time to dedicate to ourselves. Just because you’re busy - taking care of kids, working multiple jobs, running a business, whatever - doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be able to feel calm, cool, and collected.

I like to take my Calm Moon Drops mixed in with water, but you could also mix them into a smoothie or elixir (isn’t that what all the health bloggers say?) of your choice. Keep in mind that every body is different. For me, it takes about 30ish minutes to notice the calm start to hit in. For you that might be longer or shorter. As with anything, I encourage you to experiment with what works for you and pay attention to the reactions. If you don’t think you’ll be able to remember it all, write it down? Not only will you be staying organized, but you will also be falling into my sneaky trap of getting you to journal more, ha!

If I do have the luxury of time (what’s that?) my favorite way to have my Calm Moon Drops is before I do a chill yoga flow at home. I have a few yoga poses that I do without fail almost everyday, and as I was reading through my archives I realized that I hadn’t shared them in one place for you. Oops! The poses below are my favorite for releasing lower back tension, opening up the hips, and lengthening all of the muscles along the spine - from your booty to your neck. This is a series that you could do in the morning (especially if you woke up feeling a little tight!), or before bed to relax into sleep. I would suggest holding each pose for at least two minutes. If it’s a pose with two sides, hold each side for two minutes. Give yourself plenty of time to relax into each posture using your breath, some chill music, and your Calm Moon Drops. Namaste, dudes!

Print this out to practice along with!

Print this out to practice along with!

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