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Not long ago I was at a networking event when the man I was standing next to turned to me and said, “this is Lizzie, she’s a CBD blogger”. Umm, whoops! Apparently I profess my love for CBD so often than people now think that I exclusively blog about the non psychoactive component of marijuana. And honestly? I’m not mad about it. CBD is literal magic. CBD helps me ease the discomfort of my chronic pain condition, eases my feelings of anxiety, and helps me sleep better. What’s not to love? For the last few months I’ve been fielding dozens of Instagram messages each month about what kinds of CBD you should be taking, how it might help you, where to buy it, etc. I put together a list of my favorite topicals (you can read it here), but outside of testimonials about brands that have worked for me, I really think that it’s important for you to hear from an expert. Sure, I could just Google the answer to your questions, but you deserve better than that.

A few months ago, through the glory that is the internet, I had the good fortune of meeting the badass humans behind Mad Ritual: Jess and Amy. Unless you’re new here, you’ve probably heard me talk about Mad Ritual. It’s my favorite CBD topical (it works SO WELL), I believe deeply in the work that Jess and Amy are doing, and they are truly wonderful people. In the interest of bringing you good information about CBD, I reached out to the Mad Ritual ladies to answer some of your questions. These women have dedicated their lives to researching the shit out of CBD to bring you the best, purest, and highest-quality products on the market. They won’t BS you, which (as you know!) is kinda my jam. Jess offered to answer the questions that you sent over via Instagram on behalf of Mad Ritual. Jess also has the super good fortune (can you tell I’m being sarcastic?) of living with endometerosis and knows firsthand the positive impact that CBD can have on tricky chronic pain conditions. I’m so excited for you to meet her!



I'm so excited we get to help educate people about CBD! I know it's really hype and a lot of people are looking for it to do EVERYTHING for them but that's simply not the case. If you're used to pharmaceuticals, CBD might not have a big impact on your pain. If you're not taking good care of yourself and your'e looking for CBD to solve all of your problems, it won't do that. It's simply a new supplement / market that's been made available to the masses because it is generally harmless and has a lot of benefits. I put CBD in the same category as like caffeine vs.THC I would compare to alcohol (way more regulations for a good reason). It really works differently for everyone- some people are HELLA sensitive to caffeine, my mother can have one cup of coffee and be up for 3 days I, on the other hand, drink a full french press every single morning and still sleep like a baby. 

I’d like to preface this with saying something to the effect of “I AM NOT A DOCTOR. CBD CANNOT TREAT OR PREVENT ANY ILLNESS” etc… haha I’m just a super nerd who is passionate about plant medicine and would love to the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in the industry over the past few years. I’ve actually learned a ton from  East Fork Cultivars in Oregon- they have a really cool program called CBD Certified that ANYONE who is curious about CBD should check out.

Q: Will it get me stoned?

A: Ha! We get this question all the time. No, unfortunately CBD does not get you stoned- that’s what THC is for. Fun fact: if you accidentally get too stoned (hi, edibles), you can actually ingest CBD and it will counteract the high. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. CBD derived from hemp contains little to no THC. CBD and THC are just 2 of hundreds of cannabinoids in cannabis.

Q: Will it help me sleep?

A: It certainly can. Ingesting CBD helps support the endocannabinoid system, the system in our bodies that regulates sleep, mood, digestion, pain and more. If you’re already taking a holistic approach to help improve sleep (limiting stress, caffeine, exercise) CBD can be a great addition to your nighttime routine. Topical application is also a great way to relax before bed (Hi Mad Ritual Lavender & Frankincense blend!). Self-massage before bed can help increase blood flow to any problem areas that may be keeping you awake. CBD will help naturally relieve the pain so you can drift off into dreamland.

If you suffer from a sleep disorder, please talk to your doctor before trying CBD.

Q: Can I go to work after?

A: THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION. Do you know why? Because CBD is slightly psychoactive for some people. Because it affects the ECS which helps regulate the mood, it can have an impact on the way you feel. I suggest starting with 15-25mg full spectrum CBD on a weekend when you’re hanging at home and evaluating how you feel. I take CBD 3-4x per week to help with inflammation and mood. I feel fine taking mine in the morning but it can make some people feel groggy- CBD kind of meets you wherever you’re out of balance because it regulates the ECS which affects so many different variables in our bodies.

Q: Will it show up on a drug test?

A: If you’re ingesting CBD, it can show up if whoever is administering the drug test is testing for CBD. Topical application of CBD will not show up on a drug test. Again, not giving legal advice, not a doctor, do your homework before trying CBD.

Q: What does it actually do to your body?


A: Magic! It doesn’t really do anything to you, it rather works with you to help upregulate your endocannabinoid system. Ingesting can be a slightly different experience for everyone. Topical application has a more universal effect on everyone for pain relief.

Q: What kind should I look for?

A: All CBD is not created equally. Always go for products that are derived from organically grown, USA hemp. Look for terms like “Full Spectrum” and “Phytocannabinoid Rich” on the label. CBD is most therapeutic when its along with the sum of all of its parts, this is known as the “entourage effect.” CBD is only one of over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, in reality there are lots of terpenes and cannabinoids working together to increase the effects of CBD. When you’re using a really high quality oil, a little goes a long way.

Q: Which brands do you trust?

A: I’m slightly biased… haha but honestly I’ve only been consuming our own products (WE’RE LAUNCHING CAPSULES SOON!) but if you can’t wait, look for brands that use Full Spectrum CBD Oil derived from Organically Grown Hemp in the USA. I know, it’s a mouthful.

Q: Is it better to take on a full or empty stomach?

A: Check the instructions on whatever product you’re taking. I take 25mg CBD with or without food and it impacts me the same either way.

Q: Any tips for giving it to my dogs?

A: START SLOW and talk to your vet. I use it for my dogs, who are big and getting older. One has arthritis and the other has mild hip dysplasia and I do notice they have less discomfort when they’re on it.

Q: What is it going to do to my brain?

A: Yikes! I can’t science enough for this question. Haha Here’s a good article on it though,


Eucalyptus + Peppermint!

Eucalyptus + Peppermint!



Lavender + Frankincense

Lavender + Frankincense

I hope that you found this informative, realistic, and helpful! If there are any questions that you feel we missed, let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for being rad.

Stay sexy and cover your body in CBD at all times,

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