Issue #17: *NYSNC Christmas album on repeat

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Hey guys!

Happy fucking Friday, you know? I subscribe to the notion that every day is worth celebrating, but there is just something so good about a Friday night. I could quote a bunch of cheesy songs here if I was really feelin' it, but that seems excessive. 

Like many of you, I'm spending most of this weekend doing holiday things, seeing family, frantically making last minute gift purchases, and indulging in seasonally appropriate cocktails. I wish I had words of wisdom to get you through this intense time of year, but the only thing that I really have to say is: you do you. If you are struggling this time of year, please remember to take time for yourself. It's OK to say a big fat NO to holiday celebrations if they aren't going to serve you. If you are feeling festive as fuck this year, honor that too. Don't let anybody quiet your enthusiastic off-key serenades. You are the songstress of our generation. I don't care what they all say.

Sending you a big hug and lots of twinkly lights,


pretty rad things

The holidays aren't always easy. The season of sugar cookies and endless Mariah Carey ballads can seem like the most wonderful time of the year, but for some people it really fucking sucks. For a multitude of reasons. I loved this post from Buzzfeed about 7 ways to show up for a friend that might be hurting this holiday season.  My biggest tip? Don't abandon them. Check in regularly and let them know how loved they are. 

If you are always running on zero sleep... Oh hey girl, same! After a few recommendations from the internet I bought this hydrating eye stick that has SERIOUSLY refreshed my face after late nights working. It's also *almost* cuter than my dog. I keep it in the fridge so that it's suuuuper chilly on my face. In love.

*Constantly taking out the trash*. Sound like you? I swear my bedroom waste bin fills up DAILY. This girl who can store all her trash from the last 5 years into one jar is a true hero of the zero-waste movement. Maybe a bit extreme. but... inspiring!

Oh wow, another Christmas card featuring a family in a vintage truck! Instead, be like these awesome parents.

Namaste away from holiday mayhem. I did this 30 minute yoga flow twice this week and helped me chiillllll the hell out.

That feeling when you set your OOTO message for the holidays. Need something to do over break? I just finished reading The Great Alone and it was truly one of the most wonderful books I've read all year. Heartbreaking and amazing all at once. The perfect winter read. 

And if you want to get some yoga in over break... I teach at Earth Wind Fire Yoga in Madison Park. It's also one of my favorite places to practice!

Are real or fake Christmas trees better for the environment? The NYT has some thoughts.


Current girl crush: She scours Amazon for the best fashion items. Most of her clothes are super reasonably priced, available via Prime (TWO DAY SHIPPING!), and hella cute. I ordered some items from her for the holidays and LOVE them all.

Forever holiday mood.

Forever holiday mood.

quote of the moment

"Only give fucks about the things that set your soul on fire. Save your fucks for magical shit."

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