I Tried This Natural Deodorant For Ten Days And I'm Obsessed

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I'm a bit of a health fanatic so once I learn about something I tend to go all in. There is so much in life that we don't have control over, but we do have control over what we put on and in our bodies. That's pretty much... it. We have zero control over our genetics, environmental factors, other people being assholes, you get the idea. But, to some extent, we can control our bodies in a good way. We have the power to make the right choices and to put good shit in and on our bodies. WOW THAT GOT REALLY DEEP IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH SORRY GUYS.

Deodorant is not something that I've ever put much thought into. I typically buy whatever smells the best and is... not obscenely expensive. I've seen a lot of fellow health bloggers talk about all of the demons that are sneaking into our body through shitty deorodrant but, if I am being totally hoenst, I just haven't had enough brain power to worry about that on top of the fact that gluten is ruining the world and that sugar is literally satan. 

As a blogger I get sent... a lot of stuff. Sometimes I wonder what our mail-person must think of me, but I haven't quite managed to explain myself yet. For some reason shouting I'M SORRY I'M A BLOGGER just seems to aggressive for my unsuspecting delivery people. They're just trying to do their jobs, not get yelled at by a giant blonde woman. The other week I opened a package from Scully's, which touts itself as the strongest all natural deodorant out there. Umm, you sure you want to slap that title on yourself bro? Seems like a pretty high bar, but OK. 

When I first pulled this out of its (fuckingadorable) packaging I was quite doubtful that it would work. It just..  looked and smelled too good. I have this weird expectation that my deodorant smell like a chemical burn and be plastered with adjectives. This seemed so... simple? Dare I say chic? (quote dans deodorant here) This is also spray deodorant and the instructions suggest that I rub it into my armpitsWhen is the last time that you got really intimate with your armpits? That you rubbed them down and massaged them? Probably never. I felt oddly scared to touch my armpits. What happens in those badboys? 

 My face after massaging my armpits for the first time. Alarming.

My face after massaging my armpits for the first time. Alarming.

On the first day I was working mostly at home, so I knew that if I somehow ended up being crazy smelly nobody would mind... Maxi would still love me just fine. Scully's claims to last for 12 hours, so about 11 hours in I braced myself for the first sniff test. It was in the mid-90's (IN SEATTLE!) on this particular day, so I expected to smell like a dog that had rolled in some dead fish and then took a nap outside forever. Nope. I was still fresh and a little minty. 

I figured the firsrt day was just a fluke, maybe I wasn't that sweaty after all! So I kept the Scully's train rolling and... it just never stopped.  I am two weeks in using this daily. Sometimes I use it twice a day if I've showered or have gotten particularly sweaty. I also find that since I do often get my day started so early I sometimes need a little refresh in the afernoon, around 4 or so. Other than that, it's been so easy to use (and so effective) that I haven't given too much though to my general deodorant routine. I realize that this might sound ridiculous, but as somebody working in the fitness space I think about deodorant a lot. I've used a lot of brands in the past that didn't work particularly well, which forced me to carry aroudn backup in my purse all the time in case of stinky situatons. I don't worry about that with Scully's. I spritz some on and just get on with my day. I know that I'm not smelly. Thank god.

I love Scully's because it's a scent that I genuinely like (mint has always been my favorite), is easy to use, and I can actually understand the ingrdients. I mean, see for yourself:

 Me, deciding that I like this stuff. I also couldn't stop laughing about the fact that I was doing a deodorant photoshoot. Ahh, life.

Me, deciding that I like this stuff. I also couldn't stop laughing about the fact that I was doing a deodorant photoshoot. Ahh, life.


Triple-Filtered Alcohol from New York Grains, Organic Mint Oils, Organic Citric Acid from Grapefruit.

Pretty east to understand, right? Also, it's super easy to use:


Scully’s Deodormint® works because our formula of blended mints and citric acid kills the bacteria that make the odor in the first place.  We steer clear from artificial fragrances and aluminum oxide which clog your pores. Spritz 3-4 times under each arm, rub it in, and feel fresh for 12+ hours. Scully goes on clear and leaves no icky residue on your skin or clothes. Works for 12+ hours. Non-staining. Non-Irritating. No parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrance, or anything that we can't pronounce. Safe for little kids; safe for pregnant and nursing women. Made in Brooklyn, NY

If you're looking for a deodorant with fewer chemicals I am 110% obsessed with Scully's and plan to use it... forever! 

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