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Perhaps the strangest part of running a business on the internet is that I have a lot of great contacts that I've never met. I don't have any coworkers (don't tell Maxi, but she doesn't count), so a lot of time my resources from other women trying to hustle in the same space. That's also a huge part of why I got into blogging. It all began back in 2013 (on Tumblr, YIKES!) because I wanted a way to connect with other people who shared the same passion for wellness that I did.

Now I'm surrounded, either online or in person, by a shit-load of rad humans who are passionate about health, bettering the world around them, and forging their own path. It feels like a goddamn breath of fresh air to be able to connect with these people daily. I remember a time where I felt so confused and lonely in this whole blogging thing and, while it still can be confusing as fuck, I don't feel alone anymore. Just like any other job, I've met so many great people through Donuts + Down dog.  Dare I say that I feel #BLESSED? Is there a better way to express gratitude for an exploding community of rad internet women?

Two humans that jump out at me (not literally physically jumping out at me, but I guess they could?) when I think of incredible individuals that I've met on this path are Kate and Camille. The two of them are always popping up on Instagram with countless rad projects. I am 99.9% convinced that these women are part of the rare breed of human that doesn't need sleep, because they always seem to be doing all the things and doing them exceptionally well.

I'm not sure how I discovered Elevater Apparel but Camille and Kate did such a good job being sneaky about their brand launch that I didn't immediately realize that it was their company. Elevater is full of minimal tops with sassy quips, the kind of thing you can pop on with leggings for a yoga class or wear with jeans and a flannel. I exist in one of those outfits at all times, there is no deviation. I get tired of yoga shirts covered in flowery quotes because I'm just not that girl. Romantic lines about road trips and starry skies just aren't my jam. If it was appropriate for all of my shirts to have the words FUCK on them, I probably would work hard to make that a wardrobe reality. So, Elevater Apparel really spoke to me. These are my people, these are the shirts that somebody like me, who swears like a sailor while teaching yoga, can relate to. I immediately knew that I had to have their NOPE shirt. It wasn't until I posted it in my newsletter (and in multiple Instagram stories) that Kate popped into my inbox and was like hey, hi, hello, that's us! Of course. I would expect nothing less than something this awesome to come from two truly awesome ladies. Goddamnit I love my job. 

Their brand story is everything. Succinct, non-pretentious, realistic, and cheery. These are the kinds of women that I want to hang out with and to be all at the same time. 

The Elevater Apparel Story

Every business has it’s boring parts. But this is not the story of our boring parts. This is the story of a beverage startup CEO doodling funny (and punny) sayings and drawings in the margins of her busy workday. Basically, Elevater Apparel was conceptualized while our founder was supposed to be working on her other company. Because what better way to procrastinate than to start another company?

In her morning spin class, designs would appear like lightning, as if sent directly from the endorphin Gods. From domestic chores to international travel, everything sparked inspiration. Eventually this cascade of ideas reached a head and spilled out while on a walk with one of her bests, a graphic designer and fellow creative. Together they decided to launch something a little bit retro and a whole lot of relevant--with a side of irreverence, of course.

In this day and age where we wear our heart on our Instagram page, we wanted to create a place for people to be playful and express themselves with elevated basics. We set out to create easy tees that communicate your message as strongly as a well-written caption. When your words fail you, we’ve got your back (and your front).

You can be whoever you want to be and we sure like you the way you are.

Welcome to Elevater Apparel!



I hope that you love Elevater Apparel as much as I do. It is owned and operated by two incredible women in Seattle, so your dollars are going to support a locally-owned-female-run business. I will warn you, though, prepare to be mobbed when you wear their goods. On my first day wearing the NOPE shirt five people chased me down (all strangers!) and asked where I bought it. That's when you know it's good.

Stay sassy and wear your heart on your chest,

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This post was sponsored by Elevater Apparel. All opinions expressed are 100% my own, I would never share something with you that I didn't personally use and believe in. Thank you, Elevater, for supporting Donuts + Down Dog! 

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