Issue #7: Just Another Thing For webMD to Make You Panic About

Wearing a face mask, but hardcore. 

Wearing a face mask, but hardcore. 

just another thing for webMD to make you panic about

I learned this week, through my extensive late night Googling, that apparently you can have a circadian rhythm disorder (more on that below) so, yeah, we're all screwed. Thanks Obama. 

Being in the wellness space can be tricky business. What is wellness? What you would define as being well?  What does it mean to be a wellness practitioner? It's a hard concept to pin down. It's both everything and nothing at the same time, full of meaning and also totally fucking meaningless. Just like life man, whoa. 

As the newsletter grows out of infancy and becomes a waddling toddler we are growing up a bit (but not too much, just like a toddler). The personality is starting to form and changes are happening people. It's rad! This weeks issue is full of things that got my wheels turning this week, things I can't stop happy-dancing about (cough Milk Bar cough), things I learned, and more. I've been wrapping my head around the idea of wellness as it pertains to me as an individual. What feels 110% healthy to me is going to be totally different for you. I think that's so rad. I hope that you never stop questioning what it means for you to find wellness and happiness. I hope that these issues help you find a little more of that. It is an absolute honor to share this with you every week. I hope that you have as much fun reading it as I do putting it together. 

Also, this fall Donuts + Down dog is going live with a one week (free!) journal guide and I would love to hear from you about how we can make it really, really great. There's a quick survey at the bottom of the page. If you have an extra 60 seconds, it would be DOPE if you filled it out.

Sending you fully normal circadian rhythms or whatever,



pretty rad things

1. Like Amazon, but for healthy shit.  Yes hi hello I am newly obsessed with Thrive Market, an online market place for all things healthy. I just ordered 5 boxes of chickpea macaroni and cheese. Somebody stop me. Here's 25% off your first order, don't say I never did anything for you.

2. (Silent) Disco Inferno! I went to a silent disco earlier this summer and it was quite possibly the silliest night of all of 2018. Another one is coming soon. YES I KNOW IT IS EDM BUT THAT LAST ONE I WENT TO WAS SO FUN JUST TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT I PROMISE. 

3. Here's a new thing to keep you up at night: circadian rhythm disorders. Just another thing that webMD will tell you is slowly killing you. Mass panic ensues.

4. If you ran a red light on your way home tonight, would you just give up on and run every red light for the rest of the way? No, you would forgive yourself for your mistake and be safe for the rest of the way. The same goes for falling off the wagon. Just because you slipped up doesn't mean that you need to slip up forever- whatever your situation may have been. Forgive yourself and start over. You got this, dude. Ps, thanks @livewell_christina for the sage advice. 

5. The perfect day includes a yoga class and a cold beer. Agreed. The rad dudes at Just Add Yoga are hosting their next Beer and Yoga class on August 11. We should probably go. 

6. Ever wondered how to love getting up early? Yeah, me too. But I work at 5:30 most mornings so people seem to think I'm an expert? IDK. Here is a full list of all the things that help me wake up early and not feel like I'm dying. 

7. Oh, and blue light is also ruining our lives. Thanks, Harvard. Nerds. 

8. Burpees are the broccoli of fitnessGixo, the fitness app with 19 LIVE hours of classes per day are starting a Burpee Challenge on August 1st, benefitting the Women’s Sports Foundation. Each day through the app, there will be a daily on-demand Burpee Challenge class to help you build your reps each day - with a live Burpee Bash on August 31st! At the end of the month and they will donate up to $25 per person who completed the challenge, Why $25? Because only 25% of girls are getting sufficient physical activity to combat the development of chronic disease and enhance quality of life.

9. I feel like this is something that we would do. You know, if all of the Donuts + Down Dog dudes (our new name) got together. Also, they had donuts. And donut floaties. Our people. 

10. MILK BAR IS COMING TO SEATTLE THIS IS NOT A DRILL I'M GETTING IN LINE NOW. Even though it's only for one day. Emotions. 

11. Do you know how to eat without rules? I read Beautiful Bodies this last year and it got me thinking a lot about how we (women!) don't know how to eat without rules. The book also talks about how our diets and exercise routines are messing up our metabolisms. Worth your time. Also, currently free on Kindle Unlimited.

12. Dietary supplements make up to $30 Billion a year. Wellness, what does it mean? Loving on this article from the NY Times about the darker side of "wellness".

picks of the week

girl crush city

@amy_riveter - if you're in Seattle, you know The Riveter. The Riveter is a coworking movement for women and it's absolutely rad. Even more rad? The founder, Amy. Her Instagram offers a peak into her real life raising a beautiful family, speaking up for women, and growing a revolution. I want to be her when I grow up.

@beverleycheng - fucking badass/strong/fitness queen/superwoman. The end. 

@danikabrysha - Body positive, small living, giant-dog loving, overall execptionally rad human. Danika is an entrepreneur in the wellness space and plus size model. She inspires me to be fiercely proud of my body at any size and to be bold. Also, loved getting to know her interview in the Soul on Fire podcast. 

comment box

"Best piece of advice I've gotten: You can only control yourself. Yes, we've been hearing this since elementary school when someone made us mad by stealing our seat at lunch so we crumpled their popsicle art project into the trash... but as an adult with autonomy of my life this is an incredibly liberating sentiment. You can only control yourself. YOU, and only you, have the power to decide how you react when people hurt you, when people praise you, when people ignore you, when people go through your life. YOU and no one else control how you respond to any situation. Think of that power!" - Leslie, Master of Herself

"Take advice from someone who has the results you want to achieve. Show me your mentor and I'll show you the future." -  Tracy, Literal Goddess

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