Issue #9: Dear Sir or Madam

Guys, is this our new uniform?

Guys, is this our new uniform?

 dear sir or madam

Can we go back to calling one another madam? Something about the whole thing makes me feel like I'm wearing a fabulous hat, drinking a martini at 2 in the afternoon, and have no fewer than 4 small dogs with ridiculous haircuts.

But anyway... 

Greetings earthlings!  We come in peace! For reasons I don't fully understand (the internet is a wildly confusing place, where is the world wide web anyway?) there are a ton more of you than there were last week. If you're not quite sure what you're getting yourself into, never fear! I promise that this weird little corner of the internet is a cool place to be, that you'll learn some new things, and that everybody is super nice and chill and cool or whatever. 

So, what is Donuts + Down Dog? Donuts + Down Dog (which, unfortunately I don't like to shorten to DDD because... boobs) is a Seattle based wellness company run by myself, a golden retriever trapped in a human body named Lizzie.  If you haven't already figured it out, I enjoy eating donuts and also doing yoga, among other things.

I started Donuts + Down Dog for a lot of different reasons. I was a D1 athlete in college but I found all of the health and wellness accounts on social media to be super unrelatable. I remember thinking if I can't relate to this, then who the hell can?  I felt like the internet was either showing skinny blonde waifs who did yoga on cliffs and subsisted on green juice tinctures or women who liked to go to concerts and drink beer and eat burgers and hang out with their dogs. There wasn't much in between, but I was in between, and I wanted to meet other people that were like me. I was tired of feeling shamed by my yoga friends for wanting to drink a PBR every now and then, so I created this space.

Donuts truly are my favorite treat (I had a maple bar this morning and it was literal heaven in my mouth) but I also love the idea of donuts because they are so often represented in the media as being the very representation of unhealthy.  Every cartoon in the history of the universe (this is a reall fact, guys) has some fat guy eating donuts in it at some point. Yoga, on the other hand, is generally referenced as being the healthiest thing in the entire fucking world, or whatever. I like to enjoy them both, and I think that that's real life. Your things might be whiskey and running, or biking and ice cream,  but my point is that we are not one or the other. Donuts + Down Dog celebrates that both can exist in harmony at the same time. It's all about balance.

Donuts + Down Dog is a blog, I host a ton of wellness events (SO many are in the works for the end of 2018!), I teach fitness to all types of bodies around the world, and a whole lot of other good stuff. Each Friday I will pop into your inbox to say hello (HELLO!),  share some things that have inspired me over the last week, introduce you to other rad people on the internet, rave about my new favorite things, you get the drift. I am so honored that you are here and hope that this is something that you look forward to each week. I know that I do.

Welcome to the club. On Wednesdays we wear pink,



pretty rad things

Rosé is out, Summer Water is in. JKrosé will never be out, but my new favorite one is Summer Water from Winc. They pick out wine just for you based on your unique food preferences. Also don't forget- here's $20 worth of wine for you. 

But making friends as an adult is so haaaaard. Actually, simpler than you might think. This video is both adorable and a great reminder of the simplicity of being a good human. 

Is it next week yet? In case you can't get enough of Donuts + Down Dog, all previous issues of this rad little newsletter can be found here

For when you're frugal AF but still want to be healthy. Cold showers are becoming a trend (lol) in the health world.  Might be able to help with things like depression, sleep, and inflammation. At the very least will absolutely help with your heating bill.

When is the last time you thought about your armpits? Did you know that deodorants and antiperspirants are full of all sorts of weird chemicals and metals? If you've got toxins on your mind, I'm currently obsessed with natural spray deodorants that are full of ingredients I recognize. This one actually works and leaves my armpits minty fresh. Literally not something I ever thought that I would say, but into it. 

Not your unpaid intern. Asked to work for free a lot? So are women everywhere. And we are O-V-E-R it. Next time you get asked to work for free (or hey, just less than you're worth!) send them this

Sustainable AF. Trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and produce less waste? Starting on Monday our friends at The Preserve Shop are having a 50% sale at their site. As they say: We believe in goods that are easy on the eye and easy on the environment. We make and sell quality products that you can use over and over again. Oh also? The owner is a wonderful human.

Ain't nobody got time for that. No time to make it to a yoga class? OR does the idea of going to a yoga class give you crippling anxiety? I get asked all the time for great online yoga classes and my current favorite is this YouTube channel. All levels classes, all sorts of different styles, and everything from a few minutes of movement to a full hour. Go forth and get bendy, my dudes. 

CBD and chillllll. Dealing with chronic pain? Anxiety? Insomnia? All of the above? CBD is my favorite wellness back right now and is alllllll over Instagram. Derived from hemp plants, but won't get you stoned. I've tried every brand under the sun and Ned is my favorite. Use code DONUTSANDDOWNDOG 10% off any of their products.

This is becoming a bad habit. Have you heard about the Double Law of Habits? Essentially habits are a good thing, but can also backfire against you if you start to rely on them too much. Basically we are all screwed. 

For all of you who use the term "fur baby". You can splurge and commission a portrait of your pet. Yes, that's my dog in the link. Best $50 I've ever spent. 

Stay sexy, don't get murdered. A motto we can all agree on. If you haven't already checked out My Favorite Murder (which is, coincidentally, my favorite podcast) check it out right now. I mean it!

picks of the week

girl crush city

Instagram accounts to inspire your badassery in a multitude of ways. Have somebody that you love to follow? Drop me a line so we can share them with the world. 

@biscuitballerina -a professional ballerina roasts the entire world of dance in the sweetest way possible to inspire girls to let go o perfectionism, to enjoy their flaws, and then get back to business. Her videos make me snort-laugh. Worth it. 

@steph.pollock - Steph is a photographer, minimalist, mom of two cute babes, and slow-living enthusiast. Her account inspires me to own less and to appreciate the mundane. Her series #thedailymoments is a photography challenge centered around celebrating everyday life that I can't get enough of. 

@arrowsandbow - up until recently Ashley and her family lived in the most Instagrammable RV I have ever seen, and are cheerleaders for making thoughtful purchases. I love her perspective on having a big ass family but still not buying a metric shit-load of stuff every time she goes to the store. Also, her design aesthetic is to die for.

@littlechefbigappetite - I met Rachel when we were both rowing in college and had no idea what blogging was, and now we both like to take pictures of food for a living. Her recipes are easy to make, delicious, and *also* nutrient dense. BRB, drooling over her Baked Brie Crostini with Figs and Pistachios.

@the_wayward_blonde - If you couldn't already tell, I'm low-key obsessed with minimalism. Candice (or should I call her Van-dice?) lives in the cutest Van and is currently building out another to give away to her followers. Her adventures are insanely pretty, but also a good reminder that you can see the world without breaking the bank.

quote of the moment

"I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart. I am talented. I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard." - Shonda Rhimes

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