Issue #8: Mermaids Don't Have Thigh Gaps



mermaids don't have thigh gaps

That being said if you do have a thigh gap you absolutely still can sit with us and we still love you. 

I've been thinking about my relationship with my body a lot this week. For the last month and a half I've been following a weight-lifting plan that I love, but this week my body just really didn't want to do it. I felt this extreme reaction against going into the weight room this week, like it was going to give me explosive diarrhea or something. Instead of fighting it  I asked my body what it really wanted to do this week. It screamed YOGA at me (or maybe whispered it in a yoga voice? Who knows) so I just did the damn thing.  And It feels so good. Then I started thinking... when is the last time that I really listened to my body? That I did a workout because my body wanted to move that way and not because it was something that I felt like I SHOULD do?  In the one week of doing workouts that my body was craving I've felt less stressed and have slept better. Whoa. 

The thing I love so much about my two favorite workouts: yoga and rowing, is that they feel like a celebration of my body instead of a fight against my body. Rowing gives me permission to be tall (if you haven't seen me in person, I'm probably *way* taller than you think) and strong and forceful. Yoga gives me permission to relax and listen to my body and chill the fuck out. So refreshing. I've been thinking about how lucky I am to have these two outlets for my body and how they've both helped my relationship with my body: how I move it, how I talk to it, how I treat it. It's been a rad adventure. 

I hope that you take some time to perhaps take a step back from the workouts that you feel like you "should" do for whatever bullshit reason (society, to lose weight, to look a certain way, because your grandma makes you do it, etc.) and do something that makes your body feel fucking great instead. Should that happen to be Zumba on a unicycle? Awesome. I want a video though.

To mermaids of all shapes and sizes, 



pretty rad things

Snack of the moment. These dairy free caramels (thanks, coconut milk!) are my new obsession... and also what I ate for dinner last night. Worth it. 

Like a fairy godmother, but for wine. I tried Winc this week and am newly obsessed. I filled out a quick quiz about what I like to eat (read: donuts) and they delivered four hand picked bottles of wine to our front door. Unsurprisingly, they included rosé. Here's $20 worth of wine for you. Cheers!

You know when you bring leftovers home from a restaurant but you don't eat them and they just haunt your fridge forever? There's a better option. This Seattle company is turning our food waste back into renewable natural gas, and then use that gas to make electricity. PS- check out my favorite compost bin below if you want to start cutting back on your own food waste. 

Use your powers for good. Like my friend Pamela who owns Le Pamier Modern Skincare. She is using her beauty knowledge (and personal experience- her story is so inspiring) to help women feel comfortable in their skin and is a true goddess on earth. 

A true donut hero. This little boy is delivering donuts to police officers all over the country. I'm not crying, you are. 

Acting like a frog is the new trend in fitness. Or whatever. TBH looks like it would be a killer ab workout. Seems like a great way to break your nose, also.

If frog hopping isn't your style I got really into spin classes this year and love how powerful, and also fucking sweaty, it makes me. Flywheel is giving Donuts + Down Dog Dudes (aka YOU!) a free class. Just use FLYLizzieB at check-out. 

CBD Frosé is a thing now. Because I made it a thing, goddamnit. I figured why not combine the two most Instagrammed things of Summer 2018 and make them into one? Also, it's delicious. New on the blog this week. 

Nutrition is confusing as fuck. Sound familiar? Knowing what and when to eat for your body can be confusing, especially if you like to work out. I loved this simple advice from a registered dietitian and was pleasantly surprised that it actually (gasp!) worked. 

Speaking of which... here are some videos that I loved on nutrition this week. This one breaks down your macronutrients, aka fat, protein, and carbs. This video is about the Kardashians (kinda) but also about the importance of the right foods for your body. You get entertainment and information. The dream.

YO WE OUT HERE. And by here I mean Pinterest. This is where I house all my favorite journal prompts, workouts, and dog pics. #FollowForFollow!!!! Jk. Kinda.

That midday slump hitting haaaaard. Feeling sleepy after lunch? Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, try throwing some essential oils in a glass of cold water instead. I find that mint is the best for me, but you do you. Also! Drinking water is more hydrating than coffee and will make you feel more energized. 

All my friends think this is disgusting. But I have been mixing my matcha into an ice cold La Croix in the morning and I THINK THAT IT'S FUCKING DELIGHTFUL. 

You're such a Poddy Mouth. Get it? Like a podcast? The point here is that I was on a podcast called Poddymouth last week and it was so fun and we laughed a lot and you should probably give it a listen please and thank you.

Picks of the week

girl crush city

@chickpeainthecity - Addie is a fellow journal lover so I am on a secret mission to make her my new best friend. She also speaks candidly about her experience with grief which is so refreshing

@rachaelsgoodeats - BASED IN SEATTLE WHAT UP. Also, Rachael whips up beautiful meals that are nutrient dense and don't take like... a million years to harvest in your backyard. 

@nadinejane_astrology - simple astrological readings with only a little bit of woo, you know. A gateway woo, if you will. 

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