Life's Rad: A 3-Day Journal Gratitude Challenge

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If you've been hanging around for a while then you know that I absolutely love to journal. I actually have an entire post dedicated to how life changing it has been for me. Journaling has become my own way of practicing mindfulness and I've found that it works really well for me. It also is, I have found, an incredibly productive way for me to take a break during the work day. If practicing mindfulness isn't super normal for you it might feel like a chore for you at first, but I promise you will fall in love with it. Maybe quicker than you think. 

I recently had the opportunity to partner with Life's Rad. Life's Rad is a California company that is all about good vibes, which I can 110% get behind. I also firmly believe that Life is Rad. It’s something that I say so frequently and with such enthusiasm that when Life’s Rad reached out to me to collaborate it seemed like an (obvious) no brainer. We were discussing different ways that we could share the concept of life being RAD with you and the thing that I kept coming back to was: gratitude. And you know how I feel about journaling. So I combined the two! A journal gratitude challenge.

I get a lot of questions about how to best start a journal practice and, honestly, gratitude is an incredible start. I remember so well the first time that I consciously make myself practice gratitude. It was 2012 and I was a few months out of college. I was feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of finding a job, moving into my own apartment, and living in a different city than Dan. I was driving in my car, feeling so down on life, and I just started thinking of things in that moment that I was thankful for. It felt like such a relief that I started sobbing on I-5! Sometimes car crying is the best crying, tbh.

This challenge is intended to be 100% self guided. I do this exact challenge myself every other week or so as part of my journal practice and I've found it to be so helpful. It reminds me, when I'm in the midst of 100 deadlines feeling like I might crack, that life is pretty fucking rad. I hope that you love it, too. 

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Some tips for your gratitude challenge: 

  • Make the time. Find a time when you need a break or a moment for yourself to journal. Coming up with 20 things might be fast work for you, or it might take you a while to think of things. I find that, depending on the day, 20 things can either feel like not enough or waaaaay too much to think about. Set aside some time in your day to do this.

  • Do it all at once. I like to think of this as "strengthening your gratitude muscle". Sit down with yourself and write down 20 things before you move on to the rest of your day! This will get you in the habit of expressing gratitude for smaller, less noticed things. It also is a great practice in making you take care of you.

  • Appreciate the small things, that's literally the purpose of this exercise! For instance in the prompt of "loved ones" below, instead of just naming people that you love try to think about traits or actions from your loved ones that you appreciate. These could be things like "I am thankful for the way that Dan makes me laugh" or "I am thankful for the way that Maxi pees herself in excitement when I come home from work". Think about the little things that make your interactions with these rad loved ones of yours so great.

  • Sharing is caring. Journaling is deeply personal, but if you feel inspired to share your thoughts during your gratitude challenge I would love to hear from you! Use #DDGratitudeChallenge on social media so we can look at each others posts.


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I hope that this gratitude challenge helps you get into journaling AND get super stoked on your life. Because Life is RAD and so are you, my dudes. Let me know how you feel doing the challenge, because hearing from you makes my life more than a good donut.

Sending you fresh journal pages and endless gratitude, 

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This post was sponsored by Life's Rad. Life's Rad also provided product for this post. That being said, all opinions expressed are 100% my own. Thank you Life's Rad for your support of Donuts + Down Dog

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