Issue #6: Straight Flexin' My gratitude Muscles, Brah

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*says FUCK but mindfully*

Hey kids!

My intention for this week was to complain about the heat less, but now that it's Friday I feel like I need to let loose a little bit. To be completely non-technical here, it's hot as balls in Seattle. I'm talking can't-eat-can't-sleep-get-sweaty-in-the-shower kinda hot. At least for my PNW-raised body. I can't handle it. I want to turn my entire body into a popsicle until fall. Wake me up when it's all colder. (See what I did there?)

But one thing that this heat has made me hyper aware of is... gratitude. I'm starting to think that gratitude is like a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it will get. So essentially one day we will all be "swole" if you will with gratitude. What does gratitude have to do with the heat, you ask? Well, it's made me realize that I'm thankful for the following: that I live in a house and not outside, that I have access to cold water, that I am able to afford air conditioning, that I have not died of heat... yet. Essentially, while it is hot it really isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things. You feel me? 

I challenged myself this week to write down 25 things I was grateful for everyday. The only rule was that I couldn't repeat anything, which really just meant that I couldn't write I was thankful for my dog 25 times everyday. It's easy at first, but when you get to day 5 of writing down 25 things you start to get really thankful for random shit. Like... smiles from the grocery clerk, a fresh bar of soap in the shower, etc. It made me pause and appreciate the small things a little more. In the heat, it also really made me appreciate popsicles. If you're feeling up to the challenge, you should try it too. Report back on day 5 and let me know all the random things you've realized you're thankful for. They're going to be weird and amazing and life-changing. You know, just like you.

Sending you all sorts of F-bombs but in, like, a peaceful way,



pretty rad things

1. Umm... what is a BCAA? A bird noise?  BCAA's are the building blocks of protein and help fuel your muscles. They also are a suuuuper popular supplement in the fitness world. It can be confusing to know what your body needs. This is a good start. 

2. LOL wut iz economy? Feeling a little out of the loop when people take news/politics/stocks? We are pretty obsessed with the Morning Brew, it's a daily newsletter that gives you digestible nuggets of information and doesn't dumb it down. Also, they're punny. Not a typo.

3. I'm melting, meeeelllllting! You too, huh? Pro tip: put your sheet masks in the fridge. It cools them down and makes them feel so good to put on before bed. Right now Rite Aid is having a buy-two, get-two sale on sheet masks. We also really love these Korean masks. The snail one is the best. Also the weirdest. 

4. Speaking of hot... your pets are probably roasting too. Poor Maxi can't stand the heat so we made her some pup-sicles. We mixed Greek yogurt with peanut butter and then spooned it into big ice cube trays to freeze. Just make sure you use high quality products with no added ingredients- peanut butter is often full of ~mystery~ oils and sugars. We also bought her this cooling dog bedwhich seems to help. Next best option: purchase pool for whole family. Seems reasonable.  

5. Time cleansing is the new juice cleansing. Only half kidding. When was the last time that you really thought about where all your time is going? This article talks about ways to break down your day so that you can see where your time is going. And making sure that time is going towards things you're actually passionate about instead of just crap.

6. I still don't get if I'm going to get high from CBD. We know, it's confusing. This article from Medical News Today talks about the origin of CBD, the uses, why it's legal, and more. 

7. Apparently you can get paid to walk now? Where do we sign up? Sweat Coin is a new app that will pay you to walk. We haven't tried it, but we have a friend who gets a few bucks a day just for walking around. *puts fitness tracker on dog at dog park to earn millions*

8. Seed cycling is a thing that exists. Did you know that syncing the kind of seeds you eat to the timing of your menstrual cycle might make your period less painful? Lee From America has tried it and seems preeeetty impressed. All the more reason to drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I guess?

9. A life without sex. This video from Buzzfeed is a POWERFUL example of how chronic pain/chronic illness can impact things like intimacy, relationships, and pleasure. Sex is definitely not the end all, be all of a relationship, but what if you couldn't have it at all? 

10. Today in news that shouldn't be news... public breastfeeding is now legal in every state. It WASN'T before. Huh? 

11. One shampoo bar to rule them all. Do you know how much waste is generated from your shampoo and conditioner bottles? It's a lot. The beauty world is trying to change that by encouraging consumers to buy shampoo bars. Like bars of soap... but for your hair. Less packaging, way better on the environment. We just bought this one.

12. *so over being at war with my body*  Same. We stumbled across this body liberation photo challenge and are lovin' it. The goal? To "learn to see the bodies we have right this moment as worthy of love." HELL TO THE YES. 


call and response

Each week we will prompt our community (pssst, that's you!) to share some of their awesome knowledge. Have something you to see or share? Let us know! And by us I mean me and Maxi. She's a CED. Chief Executive Doggo

Q: What is your favorite wellness hack/routine/damn thing that you absolutely cannot live without? 

"I'm a sucker for sage smudging. I have one in my car, in my office, a bunch in my house, the whole deal. I love how it smells and I love the idea of cleansing my space." - Hollis, Sage Whisperer

"Cupping 100%. It makes me feel like I've gotten all the crap out of my body and helps me feel a lot more mobile. I would rather spend money on body work than, like, a fancy purse, so I make it a priority." - Katie, Regularly Looks Like She's Been Attacked By An Octopus

"Fasting! I don't do it every day, but I try to have at least one long fast, I go the whole day if I can, every week or so. It makes me feel back on track with my eating and energized. If I have a really crazy day of work planned I find that it's a good time to fast, because I don't have to find time to eat or deal with sleepiness after digesting a big meal." - Lindsey, Goddess of Self Control

Q: If you could only do one type of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

"Running. It's my therapy and my workout all in one." - Kristen, Meditating Marathoner

"Spin bike. I just really like it. " - Dan, Husband of Donuts + Down Dog and Man of Few Words

"Zumba! I know that it's super dorky and weird, but I have so much fun just bouncing around to the music and it makes me feel really sexy in a fun way. I could Zumba everyday." - Anna, Future Winner of Dancing With The Stars

"I love lifting. I don't think that women do enough resistance training and it feels so good to feel powerful. I like seeing how my body changes after every workout and being able to pick things up in my day-to-day life easier." - Lucy, Strong Human Inside and Out

on deck: next week

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Q: what's the best piece of advice that you've EVER gotten in your life? 

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