This Tiny Roller Is the Answer To Your Zit Prayers


Do you remember being - oh, let's say 14 - with a face covered in tiny pimples and just thinking well it's OK, when I'm an adult I won't get zits.

LOL! Oh, young Lizzie. So young. So naive. Still so full of hope. She had so much faith in the world. And in Abercrombie and Fitch.

I would like to say that, at 28, my breakout days are over, but I don't like lying to my dear friends. 

Even down to the name, Zit No More doesn't fuck around. I've seen so many face products with names like Gentle Caress, or Moon Sparkle Cream, or Goddess Youth-ifying Crystal Serum but nothing that screams hey dude, I'm here to help you fucking stomp your zits. 

I don't know about you, but I like to imagine that my pimple-popping fairy-godmonther is a badass roller derby girl in combat boots. Not some waif covered in body glitter from Icing. My pimple-popping fairy-godmother takes no prisoners. She's a salty old gal who has seen some shit in her day.

I'm going to be brutally honest here and admit that when people send me products to try I usually have very little faith in them actually working. This comes from years literal years of blogging and trying everything under the sun. Zit No More fucking works. I put it on any developing zits before bed and wake up to either no zits or zits that are absolutely, 100%, like totally for-sure, on their way out. Plus, it's packed with essential oils and smells like a goddamn dream, leaving me scented like the essential oil goddess that I try- and fail- to be.



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