12 Books to Add To Your List ASAP

I love to read, which is also probably why I LOVE to write so much.

Growing up our house was literally dripping with books. My mom treated books like treats, so we would be rewarded with a book for good deeds, for holidays, for non-occasions. We had books stacked on our staircase, resting on furniture, stuffed into drawers. I fell asleep reading most nights and then, once I graduated college and no longer had to read for corporal fucking punishment, I immediately picked up the habit again. 

Because of my insane love for reading my friends often (read: regularly) ask me for book recommendations. This grew to my blog readers too (hi cuties!). I realized last week that I was repeatedly sending the same email with the same recommendation day after day after day, until a little voice in my head reminded me hey dork, you have a blog. Just post that shit there.

Summertime reading always feels luxurious to me. There's nothing quite like laying in the sun, wearing an oversized floppy hat, sipping on an ice cold La Croix with a good book in hand. That is literal heaven to me. These are the books that I have loved this summer. They made me cackle with laughter and ugly sob and change the way that I thought about things and also inspired me to try new things. I hope that you love them.

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Halsey Street: gentrification is a very real thing in Seattle right now (and... everywhere). I loved reading this heartbreaking story about what it feels like to get pushed out of the neighborhood you call home and what it's like navigating relationships with our parents as we get older. So good.

Luckiest Girl Alive: this felt very Gone Girl meets Big Little Lies to me and I was HERE FOR IT.

Not That Kind of Girl: I am unashamed to admit that I (not so) secretly adore Lena Dunham books. Something about them is just so painfully honest, I can't stop reading them. 

Crazy Rich Asians: have you not read this yet?! Jesus girlfriend, get on it. It's about to be a movie.

The Animators: not kidding, this is now in my top five favorite books of all time list. It's messy and raw and funny and feels so refreshingly similar to real life that I couldn't take my hands off of it. Every time that I felt like I knew where the book was going the plot would twist. Be prepared to both laugh and sob, often at the same time.

Shrill: bitches get shit done, and I am 110% onboard with the gospel of Queen Lindy West. Plus, she's not a thin woman. I am not a thin woman. It was so fucking exhilarating to listen to a woman talk about her body without apology. Also, she's sassy as fuck. I want to be here when I grow up.

While The City Slept: a very true story of mental health and a broken system in Seattle, but is relevant anywhere. I also am creepy and enjoy reading about the minds of murderers. I am, I will confess, a donut murderer.

The Year of Less: minimalism both fascinates and terrifies me. The idea of getting rid of my belongings sounds so refreshing, but also like I would end up regretting it later. The Year of Less is a bloggers account of her year living with a self-imposed shopping ban. I was so impressed by how disciplined she was in her routing (a year is a long ass time!) and how her loved ones reacted. It made me itch to throw out 80% of my belongings.

Calypso: please tell me that you've heard of David Sedaris. You have, right? If not, I forgive you, and am also excited that I can introduce you to him. This is a delightful summer read full of short real-life anecdotes. Whenever I read anything of Sedaris' I remember that real life can be hilarious and mundane at the same time. 

The Immortalists: four siblings go to a fortune teller... and she tells them each the exact moment they will die. They proceed to live their lives assuming that what she said was true, but was it? IDK. Read it and you tell me.

Declutter Your Mind: come on, I had to get one self-help book in here. I'm fascinated by exploring the world of mindfulness and I loved the simple techniques in this book about how to change my thought processes. It's not the most revelatory thing that I've ever read, but it was full of good reminders that are easy to implement. 

The Female Persuasion: I swear every woman that I know is reading or has read this book. It's so fucking great. It's not a self help book (a lot of people seem to think that it is?), but a beautiful novel about a feminist icon and the women who work to follow in her footsteps. I appreciated the commentary on the challenge of being truly in love with your work. You'll read this in like two seconds and not sleep for days because of it. 

What are you reading right now duderinos? I am currently tearing through The Ensemble and need some more recommendations. HALP! 

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