Issue #5: New Mindset, Who Dis?

You know. Just in case you forgot. 

You know. Just in case you forgot. 

This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion, and as I get ready to head to the tiny island that I grew up on I've been thinking a lot about time. Specifically, all that can happen in the span of a decade. I think it's easy to feel like nothing is happening. It's easy to feel like we are stuck, or moving slower than a band of sleepy turtles. But as I look back on the past ten-is years since graduating high school (and yes, I realize I am still quite young) I've been overwhelmed with the feeling of doing the damn thing. Is that an emotion? I'm not sure. I just made it one. Whatever. 

I'm a big believe in journaling (LOL I know I am a broke record on this topic) so this week I've been writing down all of the things that happened in the last few years: the real good, the real bad, and the SUPER ugly. Also the beautiful, surprising things. It's been an incredible reminder of how many things I can accomplish and how life can evolve. When I graduated in 2008 blogging wasn't really on my radar and Instagram hadn't even left the womb yet, so my fresh-out-of-high-school stuff would basically have zero understanding of what I'm doing today. In 2008 I still thought yoga was a joke and had never been touched an oar, so if I were to somehow transport myself back to recent-grad-Lizzie and be like "Yo, in 10 years you're going to be a blogger and teach yoga and coach rowing" I probably would have been like, HUH? and then gone back to happily (and embarrassingly) wearing by destroyed denim skirts with Ugg boots in the summer. Because, you know, fashion.

My point being here, a lot will happen in our lives and we are just along for the ride. Who knows what you will be doing in 10 years? Maybe we will all be driving flying cars and living in tiny homes and eating food-replacements for every meal?! IDK!!! But I've been enjoying writing a little journal entry to the version of myself who graduated high school 10 years ago and telling her all about the cool things that are about to happen to her. Really hard things, too. But for the most part, life has been pretty fucking good. You should write your fresh-outta-high-school self a little letter, too. And then look back on it in another decade or so. Rinse and repeat. Time flies, my dudes. 

Also, because time flies when you're having fun, we are back and ready for action after one quick little week off to get you the best content on the inter webs. 

Here's hoping that your awkward yearbook photos never resurface, 



pretty rad things

1. I want to be a minimalist, but also I still have all of these t-shirts from 2003. Relatable. Until recently, I still had a few t-shirts from (gasp!) middle school, if you can believe that. Last week we talked about minimalism, and have been making a *giant* effort to have less. We found Project Repat and shipped them our shirts- they turn them into a cozy little t-shirt quilt that you can keep forever. And you won't feel guilty of that box of t-shirts ever again. Everyone in our house has one. I'm like Oprah, but with t-shirt quilts. 

2. The internet tells me I need a morning routine. Don't feel guilty about loving to sleep, girlfriend. Let your morning routine be guided by shit that you actually like. Think about making yourself your favorite breakfast every morning, finding time to do something you love (no judgement if that means watching Gossip Girl), and find something that's a tiny challenge that won't completely overwhelm you, like maybe walking around your block to wake your body up. Your morning routine doesn't have to be long or crazy, but as you get in the groove you'll start to fall in love with it. And maybe even walk for 15 whole minutes one day. 

3. It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaaaaaar. No, not Christmas. Rosé Season. Basics, assemble. An ode to our love of pink wine here.

4. I have analysis paralysis when it comes to journaling. Oh hey, fellow perfectionist! You're in good company. Journaling can be stressful AF when you like to do things the right way or are a fiend for project guidelines. Sound familiar? If flying by the seat of your pants isn't your thing, don't stress! Check out these (HUNDREDS!!) journal prompts to get your creative juices following. Oh, and give us a follow if you're feeling' it. 

5. Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Try our favorite summer salad.  Be your own version of a woman laughing while eating salad. You go, girl. 

6. This is your brain on stress. Have you ever wondered what stress does to your brain? A lot, apparently. And.. it's not all pretty. This video explains what stress does to your brain and also what you can do to reverse those changes. 

7. Speaking of stress... I've been really into meditation app lately called Insight Timer. I like it because you can filter guided meditations by the amount of time you have, or create your own mindful timer with calming noises. Namaste chill. 

8. Chicken nugget yoga has arrived, finally. We know you've been waiting for this to happenforever. What will they think of next? 

9. New mindset, who dis? Both our new favorite catchphrase and our new favorite podcast, all bundled up in one. Expect lots of tiny little nuggets that will challenge you to change your perspective, look at life through a new lens, and further your badass potential. 

10. What the fuck is fascia and why should I care about it? Fascia= the fitness buzzword of the moment. It's like a little spiderweb in your body (without the spiders) that connects everything together. It also can cause you a lot of pain if it gets out of whack. We found a few videos that help explain it better here, here, and here.

11. Are those internet bras actually legit? About a million companies are hocking bras online that claim to be better than what you can get in store, but are they legit? We can't speak for them all, but we tried Third Love and are IN LOVE. They're so comfy they feel like a sports bra. The t-shirt bra is a fave. 

12. *Wakes up to surprise packages from late night online shopping*. Mindlessly purchasing online? Buying more shit that you don't need? Yeah, us too. We know we talked about it last week (so nice we'll mention it twice!), but reading The Year of Less really got our wheels turning about all the things we buy: stuff, food, etc., that we don't need. Since then, we've made some super conscious changes in our day-to-day habits and it's... life changing. Check it out. We liked the Kindle version. Because... less physical stuff. Doi. 

13. "Umbrella" by Rihanna was the most popular song the summer I graduated high school. Old AF. We've been rocking out to this playlist all summer long because it's weird (just like all of us!) and makes us want to boogie. 

14. Apparently you'll be able to buy CBD at 4,000+ 7-Eleven stores by the end of 2018. Times they are a changin'. CBD has about 5 million awesome benefits. We like to put this one on our body and this one in our body. 

15. Finally reads book of the summer. Yup, The Female Persuasion is just as good as you've been hearing. I read it cover to cover in... 4 days. Oops! Worth the read. 

16. Did somebody say squirt gun flash mob? Oh yup, it's happening in Seattle in August. Childhood goal: accomplished. 

17. Remember how there wasn't a newsletter last week? Sometimes when you want to do something right, right takes a long time. This guy gets it. Now we are back in action putting out the good stuff. 

picks of the week

call and response

Each week we will prompt our community (pssst, that's you!) to share some of their awesome knowledge. Have something you to see or share? Let us know! And by us I mean me and Maxi. She's a CED. Chief Executive Doggo.

Q: What is your favorite song that GETS YOU AMPED UP for a workout/important meeting/life in general?

"Currently it's Janelle Monae's Make Me Feel. Who doesn't want to a little wiggle something - even a big toe - to that song!?" - Leslie, Runner and Sometimes Not Runner Which Is Cool Too

"Overload Chainsmokers Remix by Life of Dillon, Feel So Close by Calvin Harris, and Paper Planes by M.I.A. always!" - Karen, Creative Genius

Q: How do you remove clutter (figurative or literal) from your life? What changes have you noticed in your life from removing that clutter?

"I made a pledge to only buy secondhand cloths this year and while it isn't totally minimalist, it helped me cut down my on-a-whim shopping sprees considerably. Plus, trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle helps to slowly minimize areas where clutter tended to build in my life like my bathroom toiletries, under the kitchen sink randomness and junk drawer mess. Buying things with intention and purpose has really started to help me focus on a minimal lifestyle goal!" - Elise, owner of The Preserve Shop

"I think decluttering on an ongoing basis is the key to maintaining a (relatively) minimalist lifestyle.  My mantra is....if it doesn't have significant meaning to me (such as my parents wedding photo) or I don't absolutely love it (hot pink sweater) it goes to friends or Goodwill.  Now that I'm older that also includes people.  If someone doesn't add value to my life they don't have a place in it.  As women we are SO prone to belittling and negative self talk that to have ANYONE in your life who doesn't agree that you are an absolute goddess needs to be replaced with people who do." - Pam, goddess and queen

"I purged A TON of stuff from all of our closets/random drawers to my local Buy Nothing group and it felt awesome. People were snatching up things that I thought were definitely garbage, like the attachments that come with new hair dryers, or used lint rollers. Also, now all those places are much more organized and nothing falls out when I open them (or the drawers get stuck because they are too full!). So...people got things they wanted/needed AND I have less stuff. Win/win. I love giving to my Buy Nothing group! - Stefani, cool mom and cousin of Donuts + Down Dog head honcho

on deck: next week

Wild things, hearing from you makes our hearts sing.  DM or email us responses to the question below. 1-2-3-go!

Q: What is your favorite wellness hack/routine/damn thing that you absolutely cannot live without? 

Q. If you could only do one type of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

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