Warm Stone Fruit Balsamic Tofu Summer Salad

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I live for salads in the summer.

It actually might not be all that far off to compare me to one of those women-alone-laughing-eating-salad in the summer. That is me. I am that. It's so realistic and relatable that it's almost unsettling.


So anyway. Salads. Salads are my lifeline in the summer. I live for fresh produce, meals that are easy to (literally) throw together, and can be consumed outside. Seattle is a chilly mistress, so I feel compelled to throw myself head first into summer living when the opportunity presents itself. I go full summer the moment there is a hint of sunshine in the upper-left portion of the United States. Don't judge me. 

But the thing with salads is that... I am relatively lazy. I want to ease of a salad without much effort. Efforts are like beachy waves, I want them because they seem easy, but don't actually want to put forth the effort to have them myself. So, in terms of salad and in hair, I am looking for ways to simplify. I like ready-made protein because I can just toss it in. Also, a salad without a good protein is pretty much worthless for my body and I will crash HARD at around 2:30 PM. I need protein for lunch or I'm basically a puddle of skin. 

Nasoya recently reached out to me to try their new Toss'ables line, which are pre-packaged ready-to-eat baggies of flavored tofu that are meant to be dumped on a salad and ready to go. I was excited because Nasoya (and they didn't pay me to say this) is already my favorite kind of tofu. Let me tell you, after a seven year stint as a vegan, I know my tofu. I like Nasoya because the quality of their product is consistent and their firm tofu is my favorite and, to me, the easiest to cook with. I was positively tickled when they asked me to work with them. Tickled.


If you are of the strong contingent that doesn't believe fruit belongs in salad, this perhaps might not be the best blog post for you to be hanging out at. I love fruit in my salads in the summer. Outside of summer months I feel like Seattleites are relegated to apples, apples, and more apples, so I live for the months where I can indulge in berries, stone fruits, and anything that doesn't remind me of Johnny Appleseed. Literally anything. 

So when Nasoya invited me to create a recipe, I immediately wanted to incorporate stone fruit (MY FAVORITE) into the mix. I like to broil my fruit quickly to help bring out the flavor, and I think the combination of warm and cold in one salad makes it more exciting. That being said, this took me about 15 minutes to make from start to finish, during which I put on a face mask, cleaned my kitchen, and snuggled my dog. It's delicious and simple and fresh and I hope that you love it as much as I did. 




  • Turn oven onto broil.
  • Massage oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper into the kale until all leaves are fully covered. Set aside. 
  • Slice nectarine and peaches in half. Place directly into oven for 5-10 minutes on broil. This will help bring out the flavor of your fruits, and is also just fucking delicious. 
  • Turn a frying pan onto medium heat and add one tbsp of coconut oil. 
  • Once oil is warm, shake in your bag of Nasoya Toss'ables. Stir and turn over until tofu is crispy on both sides.
  • Remove from heat. Remove tofu from oil by straining over your compost bin. 
  • Mix tofu into kale. Toss. 
  • Remove fruit from oven, slice into small cube-like pieces. Mix into salad.
  • Separate salad into two plates. One for you, one for a loved one/your dog/you to eat later/etc. 
  • Slice one fresh avocado. Arrange on top of salad like Pinterest goddess.
  • Eat! Serves two humans with an entree dish, or one very hungry human who is eating nothing else. You do you!


May your salads be both hilarious and delicious until the end of time,

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This post was sponsored by Nasoya. Nasoya also provided product for this post. As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own. Thank you Nasoya for partnering with me and for supporting small businesses like mine!

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