Issue #4: 16% of Americans Would Marry Fried Chicken

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Read  this book  this week and CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

Read this book this week and CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

16% of Americans Would Marry Fried Chicken

Ok, now that I have your attention.

Hi, dudes! This week flew by like a tornado. There's something about a midweek holiday that always leaves me feeling like I'm living in chaos, like I don't know what day it is, like I haven't done laundry in 700 years, etc. etc. I didn't even stay up for fireworks on the fourth, so I really have no excuse. I'm just a granny hidden in a twenty-somethings body. Except I can't knit for shit. Le sigh. 

This week I read The Year of Less cover to cover. It's about minimal living, mindful consumption, and really tapping into where your money goes every day. While I'm not sure that I could live on a self-imposed shopping ban for a full 365 days, it did get me thinking a lot about my consumption habits. I realized that I tend to buy a lot of things (food especially!) when I don't really need them. I pulled out my handy-dandy-notebook (read: journal) and started cataloguing my purchases and purchase impulses each day.  We keep a standing Goodwill bin at our house to fill with things we no longer use or need, but I want to do more. First step: getting rid of the dresses I wore to high school dances that, I think I can say with certainty now, I will never wear again. RIP bubble dress. You were good to me. #Prom2008

If you consider yourself a minimalist, or just have set restrictions for how you spend your money, I would love to hear from you! While I don't think I'll be transitioning to a capsule wardrobe anytime soon, I see a mega purge in my future. Anybody want one of my three pairs of Crocs? Anyone? Bueller?

Wishing you a weekend full of bottomless mimosas and minimal awkward interactions with strangers, 



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pretty rad things

1. Just a sassy girl, living in a sassy world.  Wear your sass on your sleeve, umm... chest, with these sassy tanks from rad Seattle babe, Kate George.  Perfect for yoga, brunch, or for casually telling somebody which Spice Girl you identify most with. I'm sporty. Duh.

2. *Literally always tired*.  Sound familiar? Dr. Ayla Hopkins is a Seattle Naturopath who noticed the trend of fatigue in... all humans. Dr. Hopkins has dedicated her career to making active people in the Seattle area feel vibrant with her Vitamin-B shots. Oh also? She's pretty much the GOAT. Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Ayla next week about her business, women's health, and her non-negotiable for feeling the best in your body.  Find her schedule here, and give her a follow here. 

3. 16% of Americans would marry fried chicken. You read that right. And apparently today is National Fried Chicken Day. Please celebrate accordingly. 6% of Americans eat fried chicken everyday. God bless the USA. More weird facts here

4. I was working out a lot... and then I went on vacation. Same shit, different vacation? A new line of hotels is including fitness in the guest experience so that you never get thrown off track again. Think in-room workout equipment like yoga mats and bikes, and a great healthy-dining experience. Never workout next to a sweaty stranger again! Oh, and they just opened a new location in Seattle. YAS.

5. LITERALLY ALL OF THIS ACTIVEWEAR IS ON SALE FOR LESS THAN $50. And it's actually cute. Run, don't walk. We already bought like 30 things. It's fine. #SportsBras4Ever

6. Most recent Google search is "how to find more motivation". Meet Shine Text, a totally free and totally awesome daily text packed with tiny nuggets of inspiration to get you going. Think mindfulness, reminders to stay balanced, and interviews with badass women that will feel like your new best friends. 

7.  The voice in my head is kind of an asshole. But it doesn't have to be. This blog post from Om & The City is all about combating negative self talk and becoming your own best friend. Reminder: you are pretty rad. Own it. 

8. I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love. Obsessed with this honest piece in Vogue about the intricacies of ending a longterm relationship. It's messy, raw, and worth a read. Oh and it's by Hannah Horvath. I mean Lena Dunham. 

9. Cue the confetti! Congrats to @jennifer_laurennn for winning this weeks Instagram contest! Your Better Skin Co.goodies await. Send us your address so we can shower you with presents! Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways in the future...aka next week. 

10. Trying something new is good for your health. We mean it! Throw your insecurities out the window and try something new this week. It will literally make your brain sharper.

11. What the EF is IF? Intermittent fasting is a hot topic these days but it can be a little... confusing. This short videoexplains how changing the times that you eat can positively impact your body composition, energy levels, and more. Need a buddy? We are starting an IF challenge next week. HMU if you wanna join!

picks of the week

call and response

Each week we will prompt our community (pssst, that's you!) to share some of their awesome knowledge. Have something you to see or share? Let us know! And by us I mean me and Maxi. She's a CED. Chief Executive Doggo.

Q: We believe in you AGGRESSIVELY over here. Girlfriend, you can do anything that you put your mind to. What's one wild goal that you would love to achieve one day? Don't worry about what's "possible", if you had a magic wand, what would you achieve? 

"I want to stand on the Oscars stage with a team of people I created something with." - Brittany, Seattle

"Travel the world." - Leslie, Seattle

"Be a comedy writer!" - Lisa, Seattle

"Become a published writer." -Karen

on deck: next week

Can you tell that we are on a roll with the whole minimalism thing? We are feeling JAZZED AND NOT SORRY ABOUT IT. DM or email us responses to the questions below. 1-2-3-go!

Q: What is your favorite song that GETS YOU AMPED UP for a workout/important meeting/life in general?

Q: How do you remove clutter (figurative or literal) from your life? What changes have you noticed in your life from removing that clutter?

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