Issue #3: Snakes Are Less Scary When You Call Them "Danger Noodles"

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Yep. Very relatable. 

Yep. Very relatable. 

snakes are less scary when you call them "danger noodles"

Because R. Kelly is apparently a garbage human (what a day brightener!) , I will do my best to refrain from proclaiming "it's the freakin' weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun." I'm nestled somewhere between Rebecca Black and *NSYNC.Will report back later.

Ok, so back to danger noodles. 

I've been thinking a lot about simple changes in perspective this week. Like how below, a bunch of rad women talk about how much they have fallen in love with something they used to be terrified of. Or in my blog post about removing the word "little" from things that are, in fact, also quite large and/or important. Which leads me to danger noodles. While snakes terrify the shit out of me, describing them as a danger noodle makes it sound like they are just friendly living pasta that got a bad rap for no reason. You see what I'm getting at here?

This weekend (or hey, forever would be cool too!) I challenge you to push back on the perspectives that you fall into. You know those big goals that are so giant they terrify you? You can absolutely achieve them. You know that thing that you're scared but curious to do? Try it and don't be afraid to mess up. You know that girl in the office that you've been intimidated to talk to? Say hi, she might become your new best friend. Your mission for the next 48 hours is to tune into how you perceive things around you and how you can shift that perception to make your life even more badass than it already is. I believe in you, dude. Go forth!

Hope you have a great night and are still in bed with your makeup fully removed at a reasonable hour,



pretty rad things

1. Am I dating a boy or an onion? Have you ever asked yourself this exact same question?  No? Well, prepare for this to be your new favorite phrase for describing those dudes who turn your girlfriends into human puddles. This girl coined it. She's wise beyond her years. Also she's like... 4.

2. Goal in life: become the Supreme Sparkle Goddess, Ruler of Pinterest. Working on becoming less of a liability in the realm of culinary feats?  The Works Seattle is a collective of urban farmers, chefs, bakers, food foragers, and crafters that host fun classes on things like cocktail maki  vng, growing kitchen herbs, and more. Next weekend they're hosting a jam making class that will teach you how to bottle up that sweet summer goodness to enjoy alllllll year long. Tans fade, berries are forever.

3. Is that John Mayer? In that GIF above? Yes, it is. In case you haven't been on the internet yet this summer (lol) you have to watch his new low-budget music video. He annoyed us in his Your Body Is a Wonderland days but now... we want to be his besties? Also, we don't hate the song. (Read: have been playing this song on repeat for weeks with no end in sight). 

4. FUCKING FINALLY. This workout from SHAPE not only is working to make weight-lifting more approachable for women, but it also features a body that we all can probably relate to one hell of a lot more than the bodies that normally are featured in workout videos. BRB, subscribing to SELF for life.

5. FREE FANCY JUICES. WE REPEAT FREE FANCY JUICES. Or anything else you want from Pressed Juicery. This is not a drill. Run, don't walk. Get yours here. Oh, and tell your friends. 

6. Word to immediately remove from your vocabulary: "little". Ok, maybe don't completely remove it from your vocabulary, but start being thoughtful about how you are using it, especially in regards to your own work or the important work that women are doing in their own careers. This post on Donuts + Down Dog talks about how having an entrepreneurial parent can set you up for believing in your ability to accomplish anything, and how frustrating it can be to hear the word "little" applied to the (hard!) work you're doing. 

7. Do you stay awake at night wondering how sprinkles are made? No wonder we are friends, we do too! This video on the creation of a sprinkle (also known as donut glitter, pure happiness, the cutest thing ever, etc.) is fascinating. Now you have more fun facts for parties. 

8. Scrolls through Instagram, wonders *wtf is collagen and why should I care about it?*  Collagen has elevated itself to Instagram stardom, but what is it and why do you need it? One of our favorite holistic health bloggers, Lee From America, put together this handy blog post full of information on collagen, ways to ingest it, what it might help you, and how to differentiate behind the (tons!) of different kinds available on the market. Oh, and we've linked our favorite collagen for you below.

9. This woman's soulmate is a Possum. Sounds like #fakenews but very, very much real life. We'll just leave this here. 

10. Donuts are cool, but Dough-nights are cooler. Our friends at Side Hustle Doughnuts are going to start serving ice-cream stuffed donuts one night a week, are are calling these Doughnites. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG .

11. Scared to check your bank account? Feeling like you're a little too old to be anxious about checking your bank account? Random shit showing up on your doorstep every other day? Instead of making impulse purchases, start having an impulse Amazon Wish List for all those things you think you need. If you check back a month (or more!) later and still feel like you've gotta have it, then you can buy it. This has saved us so much cash-money on emotional/intoxicated/tired/bored online shopping. Also helped us realize that we didn't need those heart-shaped sunglasses. Yet.

12. But literally how am I supposed to know what school district to move to? Family planning? Or just like stalking Seattle real estate? *Spends hours each night on Redfin.* Fear not, dear reader. Apartment Guide has some tips on the cheapest apartments by the best schools. Now go out and buy yourself one of those "my kid is an honor student" bumper stickers. You've earned it. 


call and response

Each week we will prompt our community (pssst, that's you!) to share some of their awesome knowledge. Have something you to see or share? Let us know! And by us I mean me and Maxi. She's a CED. Chief Executive Doggo.

Q: What's the leading cause of dry skin? Towels! Hit us up with your favorite dad jokes so that we can share them with the world.

"What is the last thing that went through the bugs mind when it hit the windshield? His butt." - Ana, Seattle

"Why don't cats play cards? Too many cheetahs. Why did the scarecrow excel at his job? He was a leader in his field." - Stefani, Kent

"What do you call a lady lying in the middle of a tennis court? Annette." - Jess, Seattle

Q: What's one scary thing you've tried in the last year that you wish you hadn't been so scared of? This could be things like trying a new fitness class, texting a new friend to hang out, standing up for yourself at work, the sky is the limit duderinos!

“Negotiating my salary for a new job! I’ve always accepted offers without negotiation. I would definitely not call it fun, but my counter offer was accepted and I felt really proud of myelf! - Sierra, Minnesota

"Solo Kayaking! I've never been kayaking before and I was so nervous about inflating it and how to steer and all that jazz but it was the best. Definitely going to be a frequent hobby of mine!" - Chloe, Seattle

"Becoming a mom for the first time." - Sarah, Spokane

“Paddle boarding on Puget Sound! I had only ever done it on Lake Washington so I thought the Sound would be scary with the waves and shizz but it wasn’t! And now I’m obsessed and even made a seal friend.” -Amanda, Seattle

“Avocados! I never liked them when I was little so I never ate them. Just started eating them legit a month ago.” - Jen, Michigan

“Surfing! One of my friends wanted to do it and I was was super intrigued but terrified because A) sharks and B) I HAVE SO MUCH BODY but I finally caved and it was so much fun! It was so fucking hard and exhausting but I can totally see how people come back and try again and again and again because you just want to do the damn thing. And I was able to stand up a couple times! - Teddi, Washington

on deck: next week

Life goals and summer treat coming in hot!  Will you help us out? Shoot an email back if you have a response for either (or both!) of next weeks prompts. 

Q: Talk to us about your favorite summer bites. What are you go-to recipes during the hottest months of the year? Our fave crowd pleasing cocktail is a Dark + Stormy. You're welcome. 

Q: We believe in you AGGRESSIVELY over here. Girlfriend, you can do anything that you put your mind to. What's one wild goal that you would love to achieve one day? Don't worry about what's "possible", if you had a magic wand, what would you achieve? 

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