Pineapple + Coconut Pops to Eat Every Day This Summer

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Before I begin sharing the deepest, darkest secrets on how to make these puppies, I would like to share an uncomfortable story that I feel like you will appreciate. As you may have noticed, I enjoy putting a rogue GIF or two in my posts to keep things fun. GIF's are weird, just like us, and they give me joy. So when I write a blog post, I like to sprinkle a few in for extra flair.

When I finished photographing these popsicles, editing the pictures, and checking all of my blog-post boxes I was, admittedly, exhausted. It had been a full day of work and minimal sleep, so I wasn't thinking my sharpest. Wanting to stay on brand, I searched for "popsicle GIFs".

You guys. Don't ever search for "popsicle GIFs". I found myself in a dark and disgusting part of the internet (and there was a lot of anime??) that I hope to never stumble into again. It was erotic in the worst ways. I yelped, and then couldn't stop laughing. This sweet panda was, quite possibly, the most PG thing that I could found. So here you go. Isn't he/she cute?!


Ok, GIF's aside...

I love a good popsicle. Back in high school when I had the metabloism of a teen (because I was one, lolz) I would eat them for breakfast in the summer. To be fair, I would eat fresh juice popsicles, I wasn't just slamming push pops. BUT! There is something so gloriously summer about a popsicle. I recognize that I could eat one whenever/wherever/we're meant to be together/etc., but I love eating them when it's hot. And they're just so fucking pretty.

I am a big fan of turning beautiful, healthy, whole-foods into something that seems more special than, say, a salad. Enter: popsicles. They are fun and playful and delicious and a good way, if you have them, to con your children into eating fruit. 

Just throwing this out there, but I have it on good authority that these taste BOMB DOT COM when used to chill a glass of Rosé.

It's me, guys. I'm the authority.



  • Place 1-2 frozen peach slices in each popsicle mold.
  • Pour pineapple juice into each mold until it covers the peaches, leaving about 1/3 of the mold unfilled. Keep in mind that this will expand when it freezes.
  • Put sticks in and place in freezer until juice freezes.
  • Remove molds. Fill remaining portion of mold with coconut milk and raspberries.
  • Freeze again.
  • Enjoy! 

Go forth and get poppin'!

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