Issue #2: Greetings From Spaceship Earth

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*Immediately buys  this keychain  for every person I've ever met*

*Immediately buys this keychain for every person I've ever met*

greetings from spaceship earth

Congrats dude! You made it through the week! You survived! You defeated Monday like a champ! You got out of bed and went to work! You did an A+ job at the office this week! You worked out even when you didn't want to! You ate your vegetables! You checked the spam folder on your work email! You are the supreme ruler of this week. You deserve a goddamn gold medal. Proud of you, boo. You did the damn thing. 

But for real, sometimes just finishing the week without spilling anything on your keyboard is a major accomplishment. It was about as hot in Seattle this week as it is on the surface of the sun, so I spent my days living as a real life melting ice sculpture. Not the pretty swan types but, like, an ice sculpture of the Hulk smashing some stuff. At least that's how I felt. At one point during the creation of the very newsletter I had an ice pack stuffed down my shirt to cool me down. Blogging is truly a glamorous job, people.

This week I've been thinking a lot about community. How we make it, how we find it, the different shapes that it can take. For instance, we have this great online community of delightful weirdos! You might not physically ever meet your fellow Donuts + Down Doggers, but they're pretty rad. So rad, in fact, that they've shared some dope goodness (hi, I'm a 14 year old surfer boy) in the newsletter. I would love if you shared too. Join the party. We are super fun and there's a (theoretical) keg.

Also, if you missed the Spaceship Earth reference, please take a moment to explore this guys YouTube channel. It's absolutely re-donk-ulous. He also has a tutorial on bowl cut maintenance. You know, if you need it.

Sending you high pony tails and strong coffee,




1. *Hates running, but secretly wants to be a runner.* Sound like you? Instead of trying to run a set distance, set a timer on your phone. So, if you want to run for 20 minutes, set the timer for 10 minutes. Once the timer goes off, turn around and run back. This style of training helps you find your pace and can be easier for your brain to adjust to than mileage. But if you like a good plan, Hal Higdon has programs for all levels of runners and are super easy-peasy to follow. Run, Forrest, run! 

2. I thought I had the stomach flu but then I realized my abs were just reallllly sore. Sound appealing? This 20 minute Pilates workout seams like a walk in the park... until the next day. Pilates is also proven to help reduce back pain overtime by strengthening your deep core muscles and improving your posture. No hunchbacks to be seen here! Except you, Quasimodo. #HeDoesn'tEvenGoHere

3. But eating healthy is so expeeeeeensive. You know what else is expensive? HOSPITAL BILLS!!! Ok, now that the rant is over, you should probably sign up for Imperfect Produce. A customizable box of fresh fruits and veggie is hand delivered to your doorstep each week for up to 50% off what you would pay at the grocery store. Nothing is wrong with them except... they're a little too funny looking to sell to the general public. Last week we got Asparagus that looked like it had been pounding 'roids. This link gets you $10 off your first box. Ugly food for all!

4. I want to go to there. Seattle Freeze will be serving up donut ice cream sandwiches in seattle soon, and I am so obsessed with this concept that I might start camping out outside. They're also right down the street from my new friends Side Hustle Doughnuts, who are using leftovers from their brewery to craft awesome donuts on the weekend. Donut crawl, anyone?

5. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Relatable? For absolutely no reason at all (other than for purposes of giving you a serious case of the feels), here is a video of lost dogs being reunited with their owners. Cue ugly crying.

6. I just want to do yoga and drink beer. Me described in a sentence. Sound like your kind of life? The rad humans behind Just Add Yoga are leading their first ever BEER AND YOGA RETREAT this summer. I'm so excited that I probably won't sleep until August. On the fence? Their oath is: I hereby solemnly swear never to talk about how my hamstrings are too tight, be in fear that I may fart in class, or move from side to side like a 3-year-old on the verge of an “accident” when faced with the proposition of attending a yoga class.I refuse to take myself too seriously or do things just because I 'should.' *signs up immediately*.

7. Nobody understands my hustle. Ever feel like you're the only person trying to make shit happen outside of the hours between 9 and 5? You're not alone. The Goal Digger Podcast is for all of you working hard to build something, wear 100 different hats at work, or just want to hear from other badass humans like yourself. Plus, they always talk about mac and cheese. Yum.

8. Entertaining is v stressful. Does having friends over give you the nervous sweats and make you want to pound some hard liquor? Yes? Well, you can always just not have friends over. But if you really feel like you need to throw a shindig, check out the Eternal Hostess blog. Recipes, theme ideas, and full shopping lists. All you have to do is follow instructions and provide enough alcohol for your college friends to start dancing to Kesha on top of a table. Or maybe your college friends aren't like mine. Whatever.

9. You are such a sconer. Typo? Surprisingly, no. Scones are a top five breakfast pastry (donuts are number one, doi), and these puppies are gluten-free and packed with whole foods. Also, delicious AF. 

10. Forgot my lunch for the third time this week. Is this you? Try this super dorky life hack: put your car keys- or something else you can't get to work without- in the fridge. When you go looking for your keys in the fridge (where else would they be?) you'll grab your lunch, too.  I realize this sounds like the lamest thing of the century, but I promise that it works. 



Each week we will prompt our community (pssst, that's you!) to share some of their awesome knowledge. Have something you to see or share? Let us know! And by us I mean me and Maxi. She's a CED. Chief Executive Doggo.

Q: 4 hour baths and spa trips are awesome, but we can't do that everyday. What are some ways that you practice self care everyday? 

"I love listening to the Self Service Podcast! It's a great self care/weird wellness show." -Kayla, Minnesota

"I enjoy fun self care things that enable me to give up a little control! So like when I get a haircut or my brows done, I tell the stylist to do what they think would look best and then I get to enjoy the surprise. You can also do this ordering at a restaurant, or letting your friend pick out your nail color, new accessory, etc. It's a cool exercise in relinquishing control and is great for constant worriers like me." - K, Oregon

"When I'm feeling the stress I go to my desk, close my eyes, and breathe 10 deep breaths. I focus only on my breathing and try to disengage with any other thoughts. By the time I'm done I feel like I took enough time to refocus and establish myself. Also, I email myself reminders for the next day when I go to bed so I don't forget. At the end of the email I always include something like "you can do anything!". Even though it's just me writing to myself, it still reminds me that I've weathered the shit before and certainly can do it again." -Audrey, Colorado

"Every day I give myself an ear, neck, and foot massage with homemade oil in a 2 oz dropper bottle filled with avocado oil and 5-10 drops of my favorite essential oils. My go to combos are peppermint and geranium, lavender and bergamot, or cardamon and cleary sage. In the morning I take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar and a cup or warm water with lemon. I sit for 1-5 minutes and meditate" - Kate, Washington

Q: What books have really inspired or impacted your life that you would recommend to a friend?

"A book I think about all the time and go back to a lot is The Untethered Soul. It's about learning to identify the difference between *you* and the constant voice in your head." - Jessie, Washington

"I recently read The Great Alone and Tangerine. Both I would recommend, both fiction. They both are really good reads." - Kate, Washington

"The memoir Educated. The authors father owned a junkyard in the mountains of Idaho and didn't believe in the medical or education systems. The story is about her journey and how she thrives and Cambridge and Harvard in spite of the lack of formal education- just by her will to learn." -Sushma, Washington


Next week is all about big laughs and conquering fears. Will you help us out? Shoot an email back if you have a response for either (or both!) of next weeks prompts. 

Q: What's the leading cause of dry skin? Towels! Hit us up with your favorite dad jokes so that we can share them with the world next week.

Q: What's one scary thing you've tried in the last year that you wish you hadn't been so scared of? This could be things like trying a new fitness class, texting a new friend to hang out, standing up for yourself at work, the sky is the limit duderinos!


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