Issue #1: Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good

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The brand spankin' new Donuts + Down Dog newsletter goes out once a week, but I will always repost it onto the site so you don't miss any goodness. Enjoy!

inally, a  yoga mat  we can all relate to.

inally, a yoga mat we can all relate to.



Confession: I have a thing for newsletters. I love starting my morning with neatly packaged lists of helpful information like newsmindfulness inspiration, or sassy quips. Newsletters make the day feel like it’s so full of promise to me (well that, and a metric ton of caffeine). They get me amped up. They make me want to do the things. Newsletters, to me, are neat little lists full of promise. Which I feel like you can appreciate. We like to do the things and we like to get shit done. That’s why we hang out together on the interwebs.

Recently while discussing my love for lists of information and inspiration, a friend nudged me and said, you should probably start your own. I’ve been toying around with ways to connect with you that are more than just sharing my blog posts because… eye roll. I never want this to be the Lizzie show. Donuts + Down Dog is intended to be a community of gloriously quirky, active, badass smart-girls. This is our corner of the internet to laugh and get weird and get fit and to think a little more about the shit that lights us up. So, hi friends! I’m starting a newsletter. I’ll reach out to you once a week with a selection of cool things, great reads, things to giggle at, and (of course!) inspiration to be a fucking boss. I might ask you to help out, too.

Here goes nothing!




1. You have to read this crazy storyIf you have a chill twenty minutes to spare (lunch break, anyone?) I highly recommend checking out this crazy, insane, true story. A pretend heiress? Expensive art? A fake identity? Is this a movie?

2. Popsicles for breakfast = me everyday this summer. But don't worry, they're healthy! I made the pretty pops above and can't stop thinking about them when I'm away from my fridge. The best part? They're made from 100% clean, raw ingredients. #HealthyAF

3. But I don't want to go to the gym! Don't worry, I don't either. I am obsessed with the workouts from coolest fitness blog ever, Pumps and Iron. Nicole is all about real talk, getting sweaty, and designing workouts that can be done whenever, wherever. Now you have no excuses not to move your body this summer. 

4. I think we need jello shots? And apparently Rose jello shots are a thing now. Kind of offended that I didn’t know about these sooner, tbh. This recipe looks like an absolute dream. Making immediately. 

5. My self care routine is really stressing me out. Sound familiar? Just a reminder: this is is supposed to be the stuff that calms you down. Think baths are gross? Don't take one! Find something small in your day that you can do that will make you feel all *namaste*, but don't stress about it if you can't fit it in. You're doing a lot, and it's OK if you miss a day.

6. Umm, this looks fun. On July 14th Seattle Art Museum is hosting yoga classes in the Olympic Sculpture Park! Sounds like an Instagram dream. There is also Zumba, but I can't Zumba without falling over/laughing at myself, so I will leave the Zumba to you. 

7. Couldn't put it down. Is what I said about The Illusionists, my favorite book of 2018. Think: mysticism, family drama, and stays-up-all-night-reading-and-is-a-zombie-in-the-morning kinda reading. It was so good. 

8. I feel like I'm not making any progress. Sound like you? Try writing down three awesome things that you accomplished at the end of each week and one goal. Put a little alarm on your phone to remind you to sit down for a few moments and reflect back on your week. In a few months you'll look back and realize how far you've come. Sound cheesy? I've been practicing this with a student and she realized this week how many badass things she's accomplished. Don't knock it till you try it.

9. For when your commute is 5 million years long. Sound familiar? If you spend an eternity in your car (or just love a good podcast) check out Making Obama. No politics, just the true story about how one guy became the leader of the free world. Oh also, Obama chimes in. It's a good, inspiring listen.

10. I have nothing to wear! Actually, you do. Finery scans your closet to create brand spankin' new outfits out of clothes you've had for years. The outfits the app has made for me are so on point it's a little spooky. Oh! And it's free. Score.




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