Make These Churro Donuts ASAP


Why hello, party people.

I would like to say that there is some significance behind this post and the recipe that I decided to attempt in my kitchen but, alas, there is not. I am, after all, just another white girl using a holiday that I don't celebrate or fully understand (in this instance, Cinco de Mayo) as an excuse to day drink and to make food I might not otherwise make. I am, at my very core, the most basic of bitches.

Lately I have been overcome by a compulsion to turn everything I see into a donut. Matcha latte? Make it a donut! Powdery lemon bars? Donut that shit! Piping hot churros? Donuts coming' atcha. I wish I could tell you, sweet internet friends, that I was at the point in my internet-culinary-personality-career that I could make a recipe for you from scratch. I suppose that technically I could do such a thing, but I am completely clueless when it comes to recipe creation and was also running quite low on supplies today. So, I borrowed from a fellow blogger and this recipe was bomb. I posted this on the old 'gram and got about one million (read: I got five) requests to share the recipe, so HERE IT IS MY FRIENDS. It is delicious, easy to make, and totally worth it. Perhaps one day I will be writing my own donut recipes 100% from scratch, but for right now I rely on the expertise of my fellow bloggers to guide me on the path to circular, sugary-carb bliss. 


If you are curious about the chocolate featured in these pictures, I used melted SkinnyMe Chocolates and drizzled it on the side of my donut. I used the strawberry flavor which added a little fruit-tastic flair. Did I just say fruit-tastic? Oh god. I need another donut.

Donut Making Faves

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