5 Tips To Stop Being Fooled By Food Labels

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I am super stoked to announce a first for Donuts and Down Dog, I'm bringing in an expert! It's been in the grand plan for months now (although if we are being honest it feels like decades) to bring in other badass women to talk to you about the things that Donuts and Down Dog is all about. As much as I would love to pretend that I'm an expert on all the things, that just ain't me. And I never want this to be the Lizzie show. I want this to be a community space for us to collectively share information, learn some rad shit, and grow into the people that we've always wanted to be. Sound good? I thought so.

I was introduced to Jenn a few weeks ago and she is an absolute badass health goddess queen. She graciously offered to share some insight into something that I'm passionate about- food labels. I realize that it could sound dorky or like I'm making this up, but NOPE! I wrote my damn college thesis on this very topic.

So, without further adieu, take it away Jenn!

5 Tips To Stop Being Fooled By Food Labels

by Jenn Edden


It is a food company’s worst nightmare for a consumer to be educated. When you’re confused they are more likely to get you to buy something that isn’t quite as healthy as it appears on the packaging. The following tips are meant to give you the knowledge you need to make quick and healthy choices at the grocery store and sidestep all the confusion!

  1. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. This one is so simple. Truth be told if you can’t read an ingredient your body most likely doesn’t know how to digest it either! The body understands how to process whole foods and whole foods are words we can easily be read such as carrots, walnuts, eggs, tomatoes, brown rice, lettuce.

  2. The words “All Natural” tell you nothing about the quality of the food. Chicken can be “all natural” but they could still be poked with antibiotics and be fed GMO feed which makes them very unnatural. Your best bet is to go for things labeled organic for fruits and veggies and grassfed/free range/wild caught when we’re talking about animal and fish protein.

  3. Watch out for anything that has the word “flavors” in it. Just because it says natural lemon flavor or natural vanilla flavor that does not mean it’s healthy. Manufacturers can legally pack up to 100 chemicals in the 2 words- natural flavors- because chemicals that are derived from a natural source such as a lemon make it so…doesn’t mean what they take from the lemon is anywhere near natural. Your best bet is to buy foods that have the word extract as part of the label such as vanilla extract or fresh lemon juice.

  4. Less ingredients = less chemicals. Plain and simple, the less ingredients that are listed on a food label the healthier it is for you. Our bodies weren’t designed to handle tons of ingredients in one food product. We came from cavemen where you ate one ingredient foods all the time. Example: Just meat, just grains, just fruit….eating like our ancestors is the healthiest way to be.

  5. Read the last ingredient first. The last ingredient matters just as much as the first ingredient. People tend to stop reading halfway through an ingredient list if it’s too long. The last ingredient is usually some sort of artificial sweetener chemical such as sucralose or aspartame and those are considered a neurotoxin. Not to mention some people are highly allergic to this “last ingredient” and when taken out makes all the difference in their health.

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I think we can agree that Jenn is the cutest ever. 

I think we can agree that Jenn is the cutest ever. 

Jenn Edden is a sugar addiction expert, author and empowerment coach.

Jenn healed herself of gastritis at 22 years old and survived a near death gas explosion at 28 yrs old. It became very clear that she had a calling to teach others the same techniques she used to heal herself naturally and break free from her sugar addiction.

How many times do you get to the end of our day wishing you could have done it differently and for sure with more energy and feeling like you made smart eating choices all day long!

Jenn teaches you how to take back control of what you eat and drink without dieting, deprivation or denial. She delivers real, long lasting results in a simple and manageable way.

For quick tips on how to get control of your sugar addiction + grab a copy of Jenn’s book: Woman Unleashed, visit www.jecoaching.com.

Learn something new today? The "all natural" note was a great reminder for me. I am always wayyyy too trusting when it comes to labels and need to get better about reading them.

Is there anything we missed? Any hot little tips that you have on making the healthiest choices?

As always, I love hearing from you. TBH I live for it.

Love you 4eva,


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