Wellness Travel Essentials: Favorites For Staying Healthy As Fuck On The Road

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Blanket scarf. If you don’t have a blanket scarf in your life yet, you are seriously missing out. The best part is it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a giant scarf that can also be used as a blanket. It can also be used to completely cover yourself on a plane and avoid the smelly people around you. Remember when airplanes always gave out those shitty fleece blankets? I miss those days, but I feel a little more ~stylish~ wearing a blanket scarf from chin to knees instead of some stain-covered fleece shit that 500 other people have used. I also have found that blanket scarves are helpful for packing minimally and can be incorporated into many an outfit to appear both cultured as fuck, carefree, whimsically stylish, and infinitely cozy. I would advise upon finding a blanket scarf in neutral, understated colors unless you would like everybody to know how frequently you are wearing that one thing.

Protein. You don’t have to pack your entire jug unless you really want to. I usually pack a mason jar with one scoop per day that I will be gone, with a few extra scoops thrown in for when I get hungry. I usually also add some cinnamon and collagen to my travel protein as well as any adaptogenic powders that I’m using at the moment, like rhodiola or macca. Basically what I am getting at here is IF YOU REGULARLY USE PROTEIN POWDER AND OTHER HEALTHY THINGS YOU SHOULD ALSO PACK THEM WITH YOU ON YOUR TRIP SO THAT YOU FEEL LIKE YOURSELF. The end. My favorite proteins of the moment are Vega and Tone It Up. 

A good face mask. Your skin needs some lovin', especially after a long ass flight. No matter how much you hydrate, you probably are dehydrated. Honestly, I guarantee you're dehydrated. And let's be honest, you are probably drinking a bit on vacation too. I can't tell you how many times a good face mask (or 5) has saved my ass.

Pineapple juice. This is one of those particularly extra travel items that I always get roasted for bringing along with me, but I give zero fucks. Pineapple juice is part of my morning ritual. I like to think that it kicks my metabolism into gear, but if it doesn’t, it is a treat that I look forward to in the morning and sometimes is the only caloric intake that my body can handle early in the morning. On rowing trips I sometimes have to wake up in the 4 o’clock hour, and my body isn’t always ready for a full breakfast at that time, but I can usually suck down a quick pineapple juice and be ready to go. Plus, the citrus gives me a little extra boost awake and helps me wake up sans caffeine. I like to buy mini-cans, but if you don’t want to have that much liquid in your bag or you would rather just buy some when you get there, you do you. I always do a Google searches of the grocery stores that will be near me when I travel (even internationally), because I feel healthier and more grounded when I have a few staples that I can rely on. Plus, snacks.

Sunnies. I know that you are thinking wow, thank you captain obvious! And I would just like to say you’re welcome. BUT! So often people pack sunglasses only when they are traveling to sunny warm places where they are guaranteed a sunburn and fruity drinks but you need these puppies all the time. I like to wear sunglasses on the plane so that nobody talks to me (sorry not sorry), and to have them on hand for a bit of privacy. There’s something about wearing sunglasses that just makes everything seem so much more incognito, you feel me? My style is pretty minimal and classic, so I like sunglasses like these RayBan shades that I can wear with anything. If loud sunglasses are your thing, go crazy! I just don’t have the (figurative) balls to pull them off.

Dry shampoo. There is a fresh bottle of dry shampoo that lives in my duffle at all times. It is reserved strictly for travel purposes and that’s it.If I am running low on my daily bottle, I will go out and purchase another one instead of touching the bottle nuzzled up safely in my duffle. Is this reasonable? Arguably not, but I like knowing that I have a full bottle of the good stuff ready to go whenever I hit the road. As you’ve probably deduced from my Instagram, dry shampoo is my life. I am a big fan of washing my hair as infrequently as possible, and I find that travels (walking, sitting on public transportation, day-drinking in beautiful places) leaves my hair extra greasy/sweaty/moist/disgusting. Dry shampoo makes me feel like a whole new woman, or at least makes me feel like I have put some effort into looking presentable. My favorite dry shampoo is Batiste because it works best with my hair, comes in a variety of scents, and is available in multi-packs which…. I think we can all agree that I need. If you are traveling by air, keep in mind that you can’t have an aerosol can in your carry-on, so make sure that this puppy ends up in your checked bag or you will spend five million years chatting with the angry people working security. I know this from personal experience. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES YOUNG GRASSHOPPERS.

All-purpose wipes. In the last few months I have become a complete evangelist for wipes. My obsession began when I realized that I was using my make-up wipes for everything around the house, and also when I realized how expensive my wipe habit was getting. I wouldn’t call it OCD, but as I get older I have definitely developed a strong passion for keeping my shit clean. I like to buy baby wipes in bulk for life in general, but especially for travel. When I backpacked through Thailand in 2012 baby wipes were literally the only think saving me from smelling like elephant shit 24/7. If you are a germaphobe, wipes are also great for making things like taxis, planes, and other potentially gross things that your body will touch, clean. I throw a pack of wipes in my duffel and keep one in whatever bag I plan on carrying with me through the day. Do I smell like a baby? Yes. Do they make my hygiene better than the average tourists? Also yes. Some great (natural!) brands that I love are NAME and NAME.

Electrolytes. I am super sensitive to being dehydrated. It’s honestly embarrassing. I get the worst hangovers in the entire world (world champion of hangovers over here! Yes, thank you I will accept my trophy now) and I am 99.9% convinced it’s because my body just hates being dehydrated. I get particularly dehydrated on planes. I never drink enough water, the stress of traveling forces me to either chug coffee or overpriced airplane wine (or both!), and I always feel like shit. I’ve gotten in the habit of taking extra electrolytes each day to stay hydrated because I am a very sweaty person, I like to indulge in acohol when I’m traveling, and I hate being dehydrated. Have I mentioned in this post yet that I hate being dehydrated? BECAUSE I DO. Many moons ago when I was still blogging on Tumblr (cringe) I discovered Lyteshow electrolyte drops and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I have truly been blogging about my love for these drops since 2014. ANYWAY the bottle is super small, it only takes a few drops to feel better, and there’s a smaller travel option that I love. If the salty taste is too much for you, mix it in with something else (OMG LIKE PINEAPPLE JUICE IT’S KISMET) or a smoothie and you won’t taste it. Namate hydrated. 

Herschel bag. I bought this bag on a whim last summer and it is the item in my possession that I get the most questions about, which I find hilarious because to me it is so overwhelmingly basic. I like this bag for pure utility purpose. 

Waterbottle. Humans of the world: by a goddamn water bottle. Stop spending a few dollars every time you are thirsty and invest in a mother fucking water bottle. I can’t even remember all of the times I’ve been traveling and a friend/family member/colleague has had to buy a bodega water bottle because they were parched. And I personally am of the camp that buying dozens of recyclable $1 plastic water bottles is bullshit. Spend the extra cash, do something sustainable for once in your goddamn life (Just kidding. You probably are very environmentally conscious. I take it back), and invest in a cute water bottle that fits in your purse that you can carry with you everywhere. FILL IT UP BEFORE YOU GET ON THE PLANE (but after security, duh) and chug that shit so that your body doesn’t feel like flaming dog shit when your plane lands.

Fatco. The idea of putting oil on my face initially freaked me out a lot.  But when Fatco sent me their face oil I threw up my hands (figuratively, of course) and said what the ever loving hell. I have become totally obsessed with this product because a little goes a long way and I’ve actually noticed a change in my skin. If you find that you’re feeling extra gross in the face region, I love rubbing this all over my face before bed, laying a towel over my pillow (so that it doesn’t get greasy), and going to bed. When I wake up, my skin always looks and feels crazy hydrated, and I love the smell. Not sponsored, I just love ‘em. 

Sole Serum. The makers of Sole Serum sent me a bottle of their foot ointment a few months ago and, I have to admit, I totally rolled my eyes. Foot serum? What the fuck. Sole Serum claimed that the ingredients in the serum would help to reduce inflammation and foot pain. After a full day on my feet coaching at a regatta, I pulled the Sole Serum out of my bag, said a little prayer, and hoped that the placebo at least worked. My husband has chronic foot pain and is forever skeptical of the woo-woo products that I try to push on him, but even he liked this one. If you spend a lot of time on your feet or wear a lot of high heels, I would strongly recommend trying this out. If your feet never really bother you, I wouldn’t say that it’s a product that you super need.

Beanie. I didn’t really realize how much I wear beanies until the other month when somebody told me that they didn’t think they had ever seen me without one on. Oops! But, much like dry shampoo and blanket scarves, beanies give me the illusion of being put together, hide my poor hygiene, and also are v comfy. I always take a beanie with me when I’m traveling because I wear one all the time anyway, but they’re a great way to stay a little warmer without packing tons of layers. Also, you can pull them over your eyes on a plane ride and people will leave you alone! This Neff beanie is my forever fave. I wear mine… maybe too much.

Rhodiola. If you have never traveled into adaptogen land, let this be your first excursion! I was introduced to rhodiola in college by a fellow athlete who used it for muscle recovery, mood lifting, and focus. I’ve been obsessed ever since. I checked with my coach(es) before I started using it, and found that it was totally kosher in the world of NCAA sports, so I feel great taking it in regular life. I always take rhodiola in the mornings. I up my dose a bit when traveling, especially if I’ve switched time-zones, because it helps with my alertness and makes me feel a little more awake. You might have to play around with brands and doses before one that you really feel works for your body, just like with any adaptogen. Right now I’m using this one and I really love it.

My Kindle. For way longer than I would like to admit I would travel with at least three books in my luggage. I’m a big reader, but especially when my out of office has been posted, I’m spending a full day on a plane, or I’m laying on a sandy beach. My mom used to pack a full separate suitcase of books so there was really never any hope for me. It’s in my blood. When I finally made the (very reluctant) switch to an e-reader a few years back, my favorite part about it was how much space it saved during my travels. I usually pre-download a few books onto my Kindle because I get paranoid about not being able to access wifi when I travel. I like to make sure to pick a few books in case I start reading one and it absolutely sucks. And, obvious tip here, but BRING YOUR GODDAMN CHARGER. 

Notebook. Are you surprised that I managed to include another tidbit about my love for notebooks in here?! Because I’m not! I bring my notebook everywhere (yes Lizzie WE KNOW), but I find that it’s my favorite on a trip. I love writing in new places and capturing all of my memories on a page versus another iPhone photo. Something about journaling on vacation just feels so nostalgic and magical. I always bring tape along, too, to secure any fun momentos that I want to keep. I recently found my journal from a trip to Italy in 2015 and loved looking at all of the train tickets, postcards, and other random things that I had collected. For international travel, journals are also helpful for remembering key phrases, writing down directions, or anything else that you will need to access that might not necessarily be available to you.

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