Monday Journal Prompts

I like to start my Monday mornings slow. I am a big believer in the idea that the start of my week is a sign for how the rest of the week is going to go, so as much as I can (sometimes the bed monster is really aggressive on a Monday morning) I take the time to set the week off on the right note. If my Monday starts in a rush I feel like a hot mess for the rest of the week. No bueno.

I am obsessed with journaling. The act of sitting down, taking some time to not be on a screen, and to put my thoughts on paper feels so delightfully nostalgic. It reminds me of being in elementary school with one of those plastic diaries with a lock and key where I would write about things like recess or peeing my pants. I like to think that my journaling habits have evolved slightly. The combination of a strong cup of coffee, a completed workout, and a successful journal session makes me feel like I can destroy my week as well as Beyonce. After all, guys, she is operating with the same hours in a day as the rest of us. 

I start each Monday with the same journal prompts to help me visualize the week ahead. It helps me become aware of what I have to prepare for, what I'm going to need, and what I need to be successful/not a hot mess. I also usually use this time to make to-do lists for the week, look at my calendar, and write down any extra motivation that I think I'm going to need. I let my journal sessions be guided by how I'm feeling each day, but I always spend a little extra TLC on my Monday morning sessions. They're just the best.


Pin this bad boy and save it for later!

Pin this bad boy and save it for later!

Monday is a very eye-roll-worthy day. Even if you really love your job/life/whatever, it can be daunting to get pumped to do that shit all over again, you know? I've found that planting things on Mondays that I am really excited for helps. Like Monday journal sessions. Or maybe a really good yoga class. Or a donut. Always a donut. 

Do you have Monday rituals that help get you excited for your week? Are you obsessed with journaling or am I flying solo?


Wishing you a magical, inspiring, and badass week ahead friends!

With love and puppies, 

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