Wake The Fuck Up With These Morning Journal Prompts

Pin this and save it for later!

Pin this and save it for later!

Do you remember a few years ago when humanity as a collective discovered kale? It was pure kale madness, y'all. We went fucking nuts for kale. It was (and still is) in burgers, people tried to make chips out of it (I still fucking hate kale chips, don't judge me they're disgusting), and they made kale everything. Beyonce wore a sweatshirt that said Kale instead of Yale and the entire internet tried to buy one. See below.

You know you want(ed) this sweatshirt.

You know you want(ed) this sweatshirt.

Anyway, I feel like we've kind of gotten over kale. I mean, I still buy a giant bag of it every week at the grocery store, but I don't fucking live for kale like I used to when it was the hot new thing on the block. My point here is, there are definite trends in the health and fitness world. Workouts that get super popular. Super foods that we all can't live without (guys, remember acai?).

And I'm going to be really honest, I have fallen prey to one of those particularly lit wellness trends, my friends. 2018 has been the year (thus far) that I've gone down the rabbit hole of Instagram-health-trendiness and fully committed myself to something that the rest of the world seems to be going absolutely bonkers for right now. 


I'm not kidding.

I kept seeing journaling pop up all over Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/the real world the is not on screens/etc. and finally decided what the ever loving heck? and gave it a go. Because I am not above falling for wellness trends. I also am somebody who is decidedly fairly regularly scattered (aren't we all?) and in need of some grounding as people say. And can I be honest? Journaling has totally changed my goddamn life.

When I journal I'm not sitting around doing the classic Dear Diary, here is what I had to eat today. Also, somebody looked at me funny on the street and what does it all mean? Who am I in the world? Aren't we all just made of stardust? type thing, but even if I was NOBODY CARES. To me, journaling has been a way to amp myself up for the day. To collect my thoughts. I don't spent time writing down the negatives because I don't have time for that, and instead I give myself compliments. Yes, compliments. I realize this sounds ridiculous.

Sometimes I write myself a goddamn love letter and that is totally fine. I write things that I need to hear that day. You know when you work really fucking hard on a project and nobody says anything? Write it in your journal. I will literally write out you did a good job on that proposal! And surround my words with stickers because my journal is mine and I can cover it with as many glitter stars as I want. I write things that would make the day awesome, even if they're far fetched (my husband brought home a puppy! NSYNC is getting back together! I had a really good latte!) I do this because it makes me laugh and gets me excited to tackle the day ahead. I write down things I am good at because I think that we are all too hard on ourselves. I write down my favorite song lyrics of the moment because I am not above letting 14 year old Lizzie back into the wild every now and then. She had a lot of feelings.

I like to journal before 9 AM if possible. This way the caffeine has (hopefully) hit my bloodstream and I'm ready to tackle the world. I am likely a few hours into my workday and in need of a mini break. I don't spend too much time in my journal each morning (maybe 15 minutes tops?) but it's become a routine that literally makes me feel like I might be a unicorn. Or, at the very least, like I might survive the day.

I linked my favorite morning journal prompts above in a handy-dandy Pinterest style graphic (thanks, internet!) for you to try out, too. Buy yourself some gel pens, unearth your old Lisa Frank notebook, and go forth into the world, my friend. 

I hope that journaling pumps you up as much as it pumps me up.

Fabulous journal gear

Are you a journal-er? Teach me your ways! I want to know about what prompts you use, the style you do it in (are you one of those magical Bullet Journal people??), and how you decorate your pages. Tell me everything.

Love you like I love donuts, 

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