Banana + Greek Yogurt Donuts


!!!Breaking News!!!!

I am obsessed with donuts.

I recognize that I have just thrown the shock of the century at you, so please take a few minutes to find your breath and recover from that epic blow. I will be here waiting for you when you get back.


So anyway, I love donuts. I love them so much that I launched a company (spoiler! it's this one!) all about my love for them. I love donuts because they are delicious, but also for what they represent. Literally nobody that I now thinks of donuts as being a healthy food.

You see, donuts don't exactly scream healthy to anybody. They are not something that you would picture alongside, say, somebody who just ran a half marathon. Donuts are portrayed in the media often in association with laziness or overweight law-enforcement personnel. When I was balls-deep in my vegan-yoga-teacher-Seattle-asshole phase I drank green juice everyday. I chased my green juice with kombucha. I lived for smoothies. I stopped eating... everything... because my body was a goddamn temple! I was a yoga teacher! I cut out sugar and grains and alcohol and oil and I looked amazing but I never got to eat anything fun. I pretty much gave up on restaurants. Before you go reading too far into this, this is not what I would describe as anything close to an eating disorder. I just really enjoyed eating super healthy for a few months of my life and got a lot of satisfaction (read: it was my identity) for a while. It wasn't anything more or less than that. 

As mentioned, eating healthfully all the time can get crazy boring. I got so bored. There are only so many moments in a persons life where she can pretend to be genuinely excited about kale and quinoa salads. I began to crave a little rebellion in my diet. I wanted sweet, sweet, sugary carbs.

And then I discovered donuts, and my world was forever changed.

There is something, and perhaps this is just in my head, about donuts that just seems a little less healthy than,say, a cupcake. Or ice cream. They're just so taboo. Which is why I totally fell in love and fell hard. I quickly learned all of the hot donut spots in the city (and trust me dudes, there are many). I would Google best donuts on vacation. It become my great hobby, my dear love, my identifier. The amount of donut-related clothing that I own at this point is almost comical. I can't be stopped.

It was only natural that at some point I would begin baking my own. I grew up in a baking household. I write this completely without exaggeration, my mom always had fresh cookies in a jar at home. Our house was one of a handful that my friends and I would bop between like tiny, hormonal, jerks, but my mom still found it within the depths of her soul to bake for us every week. When I came home from college we would bake together. My brother and I bake together, which usually includes us fighting over something like food coloring, but is totally worth it. It's a family ritual rooted in big love and unsalted butter that I hope to pass on one day to tiny (human) donuts of my own.

The thing about being fresh out of college is that you are laughably broke and probably have about one utensil in which you cook all of your food items. This was me. My roommate and I somehow found every way to use a rice cooker. Because I was young and broke and living in small spaces, I forgot about my love of baking. The baking sheet that I owned at the time quite literally had holes in it because it was so old. I also discovered in my seven years as a vegan that vegan baking wasn't quite the same for me. I just didn't like it as much. I wanted heaps of gooey butter and eggs. Flax seeds just aren't the same.

In the fall of 2017 I both broke my veganism and moved into a house with a large kitchen. Because of both of these delightful developments (and being bequeathed my moms Kitchenaid), I started baking again. My husband regularly complains about the different varieties of flours that we have in our kitchen but, whatever bro, let me live. People generally seem to be of the camp that donuts are hard to bake (and unhealthy!) so I am on a mission to prove both of those beliefs false. 

Behold, my Banana and Greek Yogurt donuts. They contain not one but two healthy ingredients (!!!!!) and are almost impossible to fuck up.


Greek YogurtBananaDonuts (1).png

Donut Makin' Goodies

Happy donut eating (and making!) party people.

In sprinkles we trust,

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