20 Minute Full Body Tabata Burner

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When I first subjecting myself to taking fitness photos for these workout tutorials I was… nervous? Awkward? Both? Being a blogger is a little (read: A LOT) awkward at times because it involves a higher than average amount of photo taking. And then putting said photos on the internet. Eek! But you guys asked for more quick workouts, so here we are. This workout is a little bit of everything, which is exactly what I usually want when I’m under a time crunch. If you’re doing these movements correctly and properly engaging your muscles, you should feel like you are dying at the end. Just the way I like it.

This workout is Tabata style. You’ll work for 30 seconds with a 10 second break. Each group has two different exercises. Each time you’re on you will alternate between a different exercise. On the odd numbered sets you’ll do the exercise on the left, on the even numbered sets you’ll do the exercise on the right. For timing on my phone, I like to use the Seconds Pro Timer. You can also use any Tabata timer online. Try to transition between groups as quickly as possible (I usually give myself about 30 seconds, max) to get the most efficient burn.

Equipment needed: set of light dumbbells anything from 1-10 lbs will work! If you don’t have weights you could fill up a large water bottle, use soup cans, or use a small animal. Get creative, people!

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Pin this post and save it for later!


Give this bad-boy a try this week! If you are looking for more you can always lengthen the work time, just make sure you lengthen the work appropriately, too. You could also do this with a kettlebell or larger dumbbell if you were feeling really hardcore. I listed my other workouts up top if you need inspiration to get you through the week!

And if you need a little music to jam to, I can’t stop listening to this Confidence Boost playlist from Spotify. Hollaback Girl?! YES!

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