Issue #16: My Sweet Little Snow Angels

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Really into the idea of  zero-waste decor  this holiday season.

Really into the idea of zero-waste decor this holiday season.

my sweet little snow angels

Hello, sweet thangs!

I hope that this newsletter finds you in good health, excellent spirits, and with only a mild family hangover from the holidays. It still blows my mind that somehow Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I think that my fate is to become one of those people who is always like wow I can't believe the time! Look at it go! I am nothing if not predictable. 

I was all set to email you on Friday, as I do, but I didn't want to be just another email among the slew of Black Friday emails that I'm sure you got. At some point on Friday morning I just decided to stop looking at my emails, and then did one giant mass delete last night of all the sales. I like to be very intentional with where I am putting my dollars, and Black Friday emails make me literally throw all of that intention out the window. While on fire. 

Instead, I'm emailing you on Monday. It's also Cyber Monday. I promise not to be one of those bloggers who is always bombarding you with THINGS TO BUY, but I did share a few deals from brands that I work with below that I think you will enjoy. These are all centered around the things I believe in: play, wellness, thoughtful shopping. The brands I've listed below are all people that I've worked with and/or know personally, because I believe in supporting my friends. I promise to never recommend things to you blindly. That's not my jam. It's also my intention that you use these deals for YOU. You have this whole season to stress out about taking care of other people. Even if it's not from shopping, make sure that you take some time to take care of yourself, too. 

There is so much about this season that gets forgotten: the themes of gratitude, connectivity, and comfort. I hope that you find time this season (and every season!) to remember the things that really make your heart full. Honestly, they probably aren't things at all. 

Happy Holidays!


cyber monday dealios

3 for $89 or buy one get one 50% off on CBD topicals from Mad Ritual. Last day to take advantage of all of our deals! 3 for $89 (automatic discount) or Buy One Get One 50% off using discount code: BOGO at checkout! Free shipping on all orders! This is my favorite CBD topical. I use it for menstrual cramps, sore muscles, as a chapstick, and to heal a new tattoo. It's so good!

25% off your order at Thrive Market. Thrive Market is an online store for healthy foods, natural items, and more. It's where I get things like my shampoo bars, my favorite gluten-free pastas, natural cleaning produtcs, and other specialty items. 

$39 for one session at Life Float. If you've been interested in trying a sensory deprivation but scared to pull the trigger, this is an incredibly Cyber Monday deal from my favorite Seattle float spa! They are also offering 3 floats for $99 today only. 

"Girl, Wash Your Face" is on sale today for $6.99! If you haven't read this book yet, GET ON IT! Rachel Hollis' wildly popular wellness book inspires us all to "stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be." I started reading it last week and can't put it down. I'm a Kindle girl, but you can also purchase a physical version for $10.52 today. 

$22 worth of wine from Winc. Enough said. 

$25 off custom styled clothes from Stitch Fix. Since 2014 I have bought my clothes almost exclusively from Stitch Fix. Each month my stylist hand picks 5 items based on what I've asked for (events, colors, or specific items) and sends them to me to try on at home. It has helped me step out of my style comfort zone, and I also find that Stitch Fix understands my body better than I do, so I only end up trying on one pair of jeans when I shop with them vs. 13 pairs when I shop in a store. They're offering you $25 off today to try their incredible styling services for yourself!

10% off Ned CBD oil and 10% donated to Protect Our Winters. You know I love my CBD, and Ned is the only one that I will consume. I use the Ned 300mg oil daily to help with my anxiety and chronic pain. Use code DONUTSANDDOWNDOG to get 10% off your order, and 10% will be donated to Protect Our Winters.

$20 to spend on your first Imperfect Produce box. Imperfect Produce takes the produce that can't be sold in a grocery store and sends it to you for a fraction of the cost. These are items that might be misshapen, oddly colored, or there might have just been too many. We order a medium mixed produce box each week and it usually fulfills the majority of our produce needs. This deal lasts a little longer than the others, it expires tomorrow (Tuesday, November 27th) at midnight. 


pretty rad things

Shop from local women this holiday season. Online shopping not your thing? No worries! I put together a list of my favorite local, female-owned businesses for you to shop from this holiday season. These badass ladies have been working hard all year and absolutely deserve your money!

WTF do I do with this squash?! That's how I felt when we got an acorn squash in our Imperfect Produce box last week, but this bomb recipe that I found on Pinterest helped change all that! Super easy to follow, and it was DELICIOUS. 

If you want to pretend you're working at your desk... read this instead. This crazy story about a girl who pretended to be a heiress, but isn't, is so captivating. I smell a movie coming... 

Love or hate Lena Dunham? She's a controversial character, for sure. I loved this profile in The Cut about the producer-turned-chronic-pain-advocate. If anything, a great read. 

You only need 20 minutes to build up a sweat. Promise! I created this 20 minute mini band workout for you to squeeze in over the holiday season when you don't have time for a full fitness class but still want to feel strong. You can also absolutely do it without bands, it's a burner!

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“I think success has a lot to do with finding something you love and putting everything you have into it." - John Legend

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