The Donuts + Down Dog 5 Day Journal Guide is HERE! (And It's Free)

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It’s here!

At the beginning of 2018 I dove head first into an exploration of mindfulness. Despite being a yoga teacher, I felt like I didn’t know much about how to practice mindfulness outside of getting sweaty in a yoga class. When I tried to meditate I didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to stop thinking? What if I fell asleep?

I tried a lot of things. Weird yoga classes. Laying in bed trying to just not think. Should be easy, right? I listened to meditation apps, SO many goddamn meditation apps. I went to a mindfulness workshop. I fell asleep part way through and my snoring woke me up. I read a shit ton of books. Some of the good ones are at the end of this guide! I journaled. I tried anything and everything in the name of exploring mindfulness and trying to figure out what mindfulness meant for me.

What ended up sticking with me the most was journaling. I found that I liked the ritual of filling up space each day. I also found that when I was physically writing something down it was pretty damn hard to focus on anything except the task at hand, which was exactly the point. I started looking forward to my journaling practice. I bought weird stickers and silly pens and let myself be playful with it. My journal became my own little sanctuary in the middle of the day, always there when I needed it. I found resources, exercises, and prompts online that helped guide my thoughts and explore my behaviors. It was like really fun homework. Having a mindfulness practice is so fucking rad. Practicing mindfulness can help you focus better for longer periods of time, lower your anxiety, help with depression, and manage stress. Just to name, you know, like a few small benefits. We are all, in some way, trying to feel better in our bodies, our work, and in every corner of our lives. Mindfulness is this incredible tool that can help with all of those things.

And so, from my year of trial and error and mindfulness and weird yoga classes, I bring you my journal guide. It’s full of my favorite prompts, themes, and exercises from my own explorations into self-connection. It’s 15 minutes a day (tops!) of time just for you. It’s totally free. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it for you!


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