Issue #14: You're A Poop Factory

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I mean, you really are…

I mean, you really are…

you're a poop factory

I mean... you really are when you think about it. I couldn't stop laughing at this dog costume. And then I thought... what if I made it a human costume? But, dear friends, even I have line. This seemed to have crossed it. Maybe next year. 

How the hell are you? I hope that this newsletter finds you well, full of excitement for the weekend, perhaps you've already started happy hour and/or begun eating Halloween candy. 

When I was going over my Sunday night journal prompts at the end of the weekend and started planning for this week, I had a moment of WHOA. When I thought about what I was most excited for this week it was (and I'm not just saying this so that you'll like me, promise!) the thought of sending out my Friday newsletter. I love trying new things and reading good shit all week long and then sharing it with you in one cute little package on your Friday. I started this newsletter on a whim, but HOLY SHIT I love this job. I love connecting with my "internet friends" and feel very fortunate that I get to do this for a living. If there is a little voice in your head telling you to follow your dreams of sending dogs dressed as poop factories to thousands of people on the interwebz (or, you know, whatever your thing might be) I hope that you listen to that voice. I hope that you follow it and you believe in yourself and you give it your best effort. I promise it's worth it.

You dress up like Wonder Woman every day of the year, 



pretty rad things

DONUTS + DOWN DOG HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW Y'ALL. I'm stoked to give you yoga videos for free.99.  I know that it can be hard to go to yoga: maybe it's intimidating, expensive, doesn't work for your schedule, WHATEVER! Bringing you 15 Minutes of Yoga to Relieve Back Pain this week. If you want a specific yoga class, LET ME KNOW YO.

There is a shit ton of good yoga on YouTube. Just the other day I did this class for hip and lower back release and LOVED it. Great, quality yoga without spending a penny or leaving your house. YUP. 

Repeat after me: yoga is not scary. Can you tell that I'm passionate about this? I was recently interviewed for HezaliaTV. I talked about my inspiration to get into this whole "healthy" thing, why I don't think yoga is scary, and positive self talk. Go! Watch it! Now! I mean it!

I found the secret to getting things done! Spoiler: it's doing the things you love. I am 500% obsessed with this perspectiveon the relationship between productivity and passion. 

My intention for this week is to have an intention. LOL jk. But real talk: what are your thoughts on intentions? I'm really into this article from mindbodygreen about how to set an intention, and some good starter intentions. 

Agitated AF. That was me all week. I tried a few things to chill out, but what worked best for me was a few drops of Ned 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil in my coffee this morning. Instantly felt waaaaaay less anxious. It's a little bit spendy, yeah, but one bottle has lasted me MONTHS with regular use. ALSO! Use code DONUTSANDDOWNDOG for 10% off your order. 

Yoga & CBD. YUP! I'm leading a Yoga & CBD workshop next Saturday (11/3) from 4-6 at Earth Wind Fire with my friends from Mad Ritual. The workshop will be alllll about recovery tools for humans, you’ll get to sample Mad Ritual CBD products before and after we flow, and you’ll leave with a bunch of information I wish I had learned wayyyyy earlier about how to take care of your body, prevent injuries, and use simple movement to heal pain in places like your hips, lower back, and shoulders. Link to sign up HERE. If it gives you any trouble please DM me and I will *personally* register you! Also, code DOWNDOG will get you $5 off any Mad Ritual product. 

Have you cried yet this week? No? Ok, great. Watch this amazing video from Sports Illustrated and get ready for the happiest/ugliest cry of your life. 

Moving and shaking. You need to meet this rad Seattle woman who is making shit happen. You'll adore her.

19 Therapy Stories That'll Make You Say, "Dang, That's So True".  I'll just leave this here in case you need it. 

All dressed up with nowhere to go. Sound like you? I've been using Blok24 to find new things to do in Seattle and it is SO RAD! It's like Vine (RIP) but for events, places to eat, and things to do. Download it and follow me for my favorite donut spots, cool places to get sweaty, and places to spy on puppies in Seattle. 

Relax, ladies. Don't be so uptight. You know you want it. Before you angry message me, read this satire piece. LOL/UGH.

Do you want to start a blog? Great, welcome to the internet. People are generally pretty nice and there are lots of great memes here. I get asked ALL THE TIME about how to start a blog, so rather than answering all of your questions over and over again until one of us dies, I wrote this blog post full of free tips for you. Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered what Voldemort would look like doing drag? Great, now we don't have to.

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"Always be kinder than you feel."

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