20 Minute Mini Band Burn

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After lots of prep and only a few panic attacks, I am STOKED to finally start sharing my workouts with you! A big part of why I started Donuts + Down Dog was that I felt like most of the fitness/wellness advice I was seeing on the internet wasn’t relatable. So many of the workouts that I found online were either really long (over an hour), required a ton of equipment, or weren’t accessible. I figured that if I was feeling that way about the content I was finding I probably wasn’t alone. I’ve set out on a quest to bring you great wellness/fitness content that you can fit into your REAL life. I want you to feel strong and powerful without ever feeling stressed about finding time to fit your workouts in.

You are busy being a badass (yes, you), and don’t always have a ton of time to workout. That doesn’t make you bad, or lazy, it just makes you human. There are tons of workouts that you can do at home with minimal equipment in under 30 minutes that will still help you destress, feel strong, and meet any fitness goals you might be working towards. I hope that, by sharing my workouts, you feel empowered to move your body with whatever time you have and that you start to feel STRONG.

Recently I have been super into HIIT workouts with resistance bands. They make me feel like I’m dying, which is usually how I measure a good workout. The combo of HIIT and resistance bands packs a lot of efficiency into a short period of time. The workout below is my old faithful for when I don’t have much time but want to feel strong. It works the SHIT out of your legs, heart-rate, and abs. I hope that you love it.

For this workout you’ll need a good set of mini resistance bands. I find that it’s helpful to have a set with higher resistance for leg workouts.

If you haven’t worked out with mini bands before, they help add WAY more resistance to your workouts. I like mini bands because they take a hard 20 minute workout (like we’re about to do) and make it a KILLER 20 minute workout. They also are an awesome tool if you are starting to work on strength training- thanks to the mini bands this cardio workout also has a giant strength component. You also can absolutely complete this workout without the bands. It’s completely up to what feels best and safest in your body.

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Each group is 8 rounds of 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I use the Seconds Timer App to time my workouts. You could also use an online timer or your phone. Do as much as you can during each 30 second set.

Group 1: Alternate between boy bands and toe taps.

Boy Bands: Jump into a a wide squat, low enough that you can touch the floor with your hand. Then jump your feet together and stand up tall. Alternate sides each jump for 30 seconds.

Toe Taps: Sit in a low squat. Tap right foot out and then in. Tap left foot out and then in. Continue switching legs each tap for 30 seconds.

Group 2: Alternate between jumpees and double squats.

Jumpees: Squat low, and then jump as high as you can. Keep pressure on the band working on pushing out.

Double squats: Squat to your usual squat depth, hold for a breath. .Then, squat a few inches lower. Stand all the way up. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Group 3: Cha Chas, switch side every 30s set.

These  are the mini bands that I used for this workout (pictured above!) and love. They’re less than $10 for a set of 3.

These are the mini bands that I used for this workout (pictured above!) and love. They’re less than $10 for a set of 3.

Cha Chas: Hold a low squat for the entire 30 seconds. Tap your right diagonally to the back right corner of your mat, then back in. Continue on the right side for 30 seconds. Switch legs each 30 second set.

Group 4: Seated banded abducters! 8 sets of 30 seconds all the way through. Your ass will cry and it will be amazing.

Seated banded abducters: Sit up tall with knees slightly bent and feet flexed towards your face. Keep your heels together and open the knees wide (like a clam) pushing against the band. With control, close your knees back together. Continue for 30 seconds, 8 times through.

I always recommend that you do a quick warm up and cool down if you have time. I have short yoga videos that you can do on YouTube, you can go for a quick walk, or do any other movements that you like. Just make sure that you give your body some time to get warmed up. It’s worth it, promise.

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