2018 Seattle Gift Guide: All Local, All Female Owned

Umm, how has Thanksgiving already come and gone?

I am delighted this year to be kicking off my gift guides (there are so many fun ones coming!) with a list of my favorite local businesses that are run by women. So much time, effort, and emotion goes into running your own business. It’s like a really fun and terrifying emotional rollercoaster that you can’t get off, but also don’t really want to. It is such a thrill. It’s also such a thrill to support other woman and business and to watch them grow, you know?

Let’s be honest- it’s not always easy to shop locally. We don’t all have the time to leave the house to shop or the extra income to support small businesses that might charge a little more than an online store. I absolutely don’t want to make you feel shamed about shopping online if that’s what works best for your lifestyle (and PS - some great online guides are coming soon!), but if you are able to shop locally this season, these women are some of my FAVORITE badass business owners and beloved friends. They work their buns off all the time and are so deserving of ALL of our support!


This post contains affiliate links.

  1. A nail date at Juniper - Juniper is the PLACE to get nail art done in Seattle. They also use exclusively organic products sourced from the area. So, by supporting this small business, you are also supporting a TON of other small businesses committed to natural products in the PNW. I also get my hair cut/colored at their sister salon, Flourish.

  2. A tin of Mad Ritual CBD - Mad Ritual is a glorious CBD topical that is proven to reduce pain and inflammation. It has been a game changer in my own recovery, dealing with the lasting pain from whiplash, and all that jazz. My friends Amy + Jess have put so much work into creating a formula that works! Also, DOWNDOG5 will get you $5 off your order.

  3. Literally anything from Lika Love - Lika Love has been in Seattle for five years this November, woo! The Lika Love approach to shopping is that every item should make every woman feel absolutely gorgeous. Everything drapes, stretches, and flows perfectly. They also pretty much always have champagne. Always.

  4. Personalized vitamins from Persona Nutrition - I ordered my first pack of Persona vitamins this month and I am in love. They asked me to take a brief quiz about my current lifestyle, my goals, and my diet. Shortly after a cute little pack of vitamins arrived for me in daily doses. I’ve noticed that the vitamins make me feel more energized, less stressed, and satiated for longer after meals. They are based in Snoqualmie and were founded by an incredible woman. For each order they will donate vitamins to two children in need.

  5. Something sparkly from Everling Jewelry - buying jewelry can be both expensive and impersonal, depending on your experience. Everling creates thoughtful, fine jewelry pieces made in Seattle, all under rad boss-lady Adrienne Krieger.

  6. Cozy pieces from Rollick - I am obsessed with the mission behind Rollick. Their website literally says “your reaction when looking in the mirror be: “Daaaaaamn”.  Absolutely a mission that I can get behind. I have to restrain myself from buying every single sweater on their website.

  7. Sassy tops from Elevater Apparel - You’ve heard me sing their praises before. Now they have some new stuff out! Sassy + wellness = my dream.

  8. A bottle (or 5) from Nasty Woman Wines - I’ll just leave this one here.

  9. A style subscription at Armoire - For $149/month Armoire will give you unlimited clothing rentals for events and daily wear. This also includes a 1:1 session with a stylish who will help figure out your style, recommend great pieces, and (tbh) acts like your personal therapist. My stylist Stephanie picked out so many fun things for me that I never would’ve tried otherwise, and each one made me feel gorgeous. They’re based on Capitol Hill. Armoire Founder, Ambika Singh, is an absolute delight. I want to be her BFF.

  10. Custom prints from Ferns + Fins - I once ordered a custom print of Maxi from Emily of Ferns + Fins and it is, to date, one of my most prized possessions.

  11. A bitchin’ candle from Malicious Women Candle Co. - Gloriously quippy candles that say things like Adulting, and Basic Bitch Acceptance, and (my personal favorite), FUCK. I’ll take one of each, please.

  12. A PNW look from Wish You Were Northwest - beanies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, oh my! Wish You Were Northwest makes me want to sell all my worldly possessions, move into a van with my dog, and spend my days hiking.

  13. Classes at The Works Seattle - The Works Seattle is a community focused on bringing humans together to learn new skills. So many of their classes revolve around learning old school skills like baking, gardening, making things from scratch, etc. Dan and I took a bacon making class (YUM) with them a few months ago and it was divine. The Works classes are great for the person who has everything, or for a forced date night with your sweetie. Or both!

  14. The Simply Real Health Cookbook - I’ve been following @simplyrealhealth on Instagram forever, she is blogger GOALS. Sarah is anti-diet, believes deeply in non-toxic living, and makes delicious REAL food with minimal ingredients. I am so STOKED about her new cookbook coming out. I’ve made recipes from her Instagram before and none of them have disappointed.

I hope that you love this Seattle gift guide! If there are any great businesses that I missed, please drop their link(s) below in the comments so that all of us can support them!

Happy Holidays,

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