Stocking Stuffers for the Wellness Junkie (All Under $25!)

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I also have a personal vendetta against stocking stuffer guides that try to hock you things over $100. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of stocking stuffer guides that put this goddamn Tiffany & Co. paperclip on them. First of all, nobody wants a large, expensive paperclip. I’m not sure what kind of lavish castle that you grew up in, but that’s now how I roll when it comes to stocking stuffers.

Personally, I appreciate stocking stuffers that are useful. Don’t get me wrong, a bag full of candy is great. But a bag of candy isn’t going to turn me into the glowing matcha goddess that I know I am somewhere deep, deep down in my soul.

Peep my favorite wellness- centric stocking stuffers below. All tiny, all under $25, all things that I have actually used and love.

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  1. Collagen peptides. A tasteless protein powder from one source, no added ingredients. 10 ounces for $25.

  2. A konjac sponge. Looks like ancient birth control but is actually just a great way to exfoliate your face. I’ve been using these for years and am OBSESSED, I tell you, OBSESSED! 1 sponge for under $10.

  3. Dry shampoo. Nobody has time to wash their hair these days, you know? Duo pack for less than $8.

  4. Or if you want to wash your hair, a shampoo bar. Practice good hygiene (lol, what’s that?) and save the environment. Variety 3 pack for under $16.

  5. Fatco moisturizer stick. Great for on-the-go moisture, especially good for chapped skin from spending lots of time on the water (raises hand). 1 stick for $10.

  6. A cute journal. I think this one explains itself, you know how I feel about journaling. 3 pack for $10.99.

  7. Eye de-puffing stick. Buzzfeed sold me on this bad-boy and I’m glad I caved. I keep mine in the fridge for extra chill. 1 stick for $9.

  8. CBD chapstick. Pours CBD on entire life. 1 stick for $8.

  9. A cork yoga block. Sturdier than a foam block and cuter, too! 1 block for $20.

  10. Collagen eye pads. If you never sleep, you need these. They make you look like you got a nice 9 hours even when you are existing solely on caffeine and anxiety. 12 pairs for for under $22.

  11. Bath bombs. Cause you’re a goddamn ADULT. $3 each.

  12. Tongue scrapers. Because tongues are sexy but also kinda gross. 2 for $10.

  13. The internets favorite bubble face mask. Try it just for the laughs. 1 tub for $10.

  14. Nuun hydration tablets. Based in Seattle! Hydrating AF! Taste delicious! Also great hangover cure! 4 tubes for $19.

  15. Aluminum free deodorant. You know what stinks? Putting toxins in your armpits. 1 stick for $18.

  16. Individual peanut butter squeeze packs. Just in case you are like me and can’t control yourself around a jar of PB. 10 pack for $6.

  17. Sheet masks. Probably the greatest invention of the 21st century, in my humble opinion. 16 for $11.

  18. Brain Octane Oil. Healthy fats! 3 oz for $6.95.

  19. Gummy vitamins. Why not take something healthy and mix it with candy?! One month for $23.

  20. Aloe face spray. Refreshing, hydrating, delightful. 1 bottle for $6.

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