Fave Things: September/October 2018

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This is inspired by my all time favorite blogger/low-key idol Pumps & Iron. I have been reading her blog religiously (am I a psychopath? Oh god) for years. Each month she shares a recap of her favorite things, for no other reason than just sharing. I’ve been craving a good donut lately, but ALSO have really been craving getting back into some good-old-fashioned-blogging and just connecting with you find people for the hell of it. Here are my favorite things from the last few months.

Enjoy! Also let me know what you are loving on this month in the comment section below.


Everybody on Instagram is obsessed with this hoodie.

Everybody on Instagram is obsessed with this hoodie.

  • The North Face Campshire Pullover Hoodie - Dan bought this for me as an early birthday present… because I kept sending him pictures of it. I’m subtle! If you’ve seen me on Instagram you know that I wear this pretty much every fucking day, but it makes me feel like I’ve never left bed. A feeling we can all truly get behind..

  • Stitch Fix - I’ve been using Stich Fix for almost five years. I truly hate shopping in stores. I don’t have time for it, and the combination of being tall and muscular makes shopping kind of a nightmare. I like using Stitch Fix because I tell my stylist what I want and what I DON’T want, and then she sends me items to try on. I haven’t used Stitch Fix for a few months (#lazy) but I got a great fix today that reminded me of why I believe in them so much. Not sponsored, just love ‘em. And their jeans make my butt look GREAT.

  • Shampoo bar - I started using a shampoo bar this month and - so far - am pretty pleased with it! It definitely makes my hair feel different (read: less fried) than the shampoo that I had been using before, but I appreciate that it’s a sustainable alternative to shampoo bottles. Definitely going to keep it on rotation.

  • Imperfect Produce - in the interest of more sustainable options, we’ve been using Imperfect Produce for about half of 2018 and like it. To be completely honest we have gotten a few orders that have had bad items (mostly moldy) in them, but whenever we’ve reached out to customer service they’ve immediately reimbursed us and our future boxes have been great. I don’t only buy produce from Imperfect, but I do like using it for seasonal items or old faithfuls like sweet potatoes. I believe this link will give us both a few dollars worth of food. WOO!



I could watch Netflix until the day I die (tbh I probably will die watching Netflix.. ugh). A few months ago I realized that looking at a screen every night was keeping me from getting solid sleep, so I started reading on my Kindle every night before bed. I’ve been trying to read between three to four books a month, and so far it’s been GREAT! I think I’m like… 4 months in? I’ve cruised through a lot of the stuff on my book list, so PLZ send me any good recommendations if you have them!

I really loved Little Fires Everywhere. There were a LOT of plot twists that I didn’t see coming, and the characters were all pretty sassy teens, which was a joy to read. I would love to see this made into a movie.

Also enjoyed re-reading Girl, Interrupted. I read it when I was a teenager and didn’t really get the whole mental health thing. It was one of those books that I liked better after having seen the movie, made it easier for me to picture. Also, Angelina Jolie! Queen!


  • (Netflix) Haunting of Hill House - I like scary things, but not like watching somebody get chopped up with a machete scary, you know? Hill House was spooky AF and had lots of good twists. Also! Was a show that we could agree on. Team Luke 4ever.

  • (Netflix) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Remember back in our youth when ABC would air their TGIF lineup and we would all innocently watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch while fully adorned with face sparkles? Well, this is the delightful reboot for adults. It’s pretty creepy and I’m here for it. Also, Harvey is just as cute as ever.

  • (HBO) Camping - My Lena Dunham obsession continues (I know she is a touchy subject let me live!!) with her new show for HBO. I’m particularly obsessed with the fact that the main character is a raging bitch living with chronic pain because… relatable. My only complaint is that I wish the episodes were longer. LE SIGH.


  • (Podcast) Last Seen - I am a bit of a crazy person for podcasts about weird stuff. You know, lots of murder, cults, chill stuff like that. I’m very into this (true story!) about a museum heist.

  • (Music) Inside Out by Spoon - I literally can’t stop listening to this! V good for running or playing on repeat while I edit photos.

  • (Music) Reverend by Kings of Leon - This came on our Amazon Echo when we asked Alexa (that sassy bitch) for good dinner music. It makes me want to look out a car window and feel ~emotions~. Here for it.


  • @Colette.Prime - this sassy babe is the hero that we all need. She’s dedicated her whole social profile, nay, life, to bringing us the best possible fashion Amazon has to offer, and none of it is particularly expensive. I want to both be her best friend, her closet gremlin, and to buy everything from her site. Excellent use of social media, Colette. (hand clapping emoji).

  • @arrowsandbow - I know this isn’t my first time singing the gospel of Ashley, but this is MY BLOG AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! Ashley and her family are the real fucking deal. I love her no-nonsense approach to minimal living with THREE CHILDREN and how she makes her house look insanely good without spending too much money. You know those bloggers who are like “I bought this couch it was only a million dollars what a steal!”- she’s not one of their ilk.

  • @nicoleperr - All hail kween Pumps + Iron! I have loved Nicole for years, and I really admire the fact that she doesn’t (at least outwardly) seem to do anything just for the gram. She clearly has a passion for fitness, sharing recommendations with us, and making incredible recipes. She is another example of a rad human on the internet who is using her powers for good. Also, her workouts will murder you. The end.


Only eating this… FOREVER.

Only eating this… FOREVER.

  • Edamame hummus - I ate three fucking tubs of this in October GUYS. I don’t care what brand you get, but it’s so fucking good. I put it on quinoa, on rice crackers, on apples, on just a spoon… you get it. Just when you think hummus can’t get better, it has!

  • GEM Vitamins - I really have been enjoying these vitamins because they’re made from real food. Like… you can see the ingredients. These were not a blog product or a PR gift. I actually found them on Instagram and thought that it was SUCH a genius idea that I reached out to them and fan girled HARD. They were kind enough to send me a bottle to try, and also indulged all of my questions. The biggest change I’ve noticed since taking these is that my mood seems to be a lot more regulated.

  • SOI Capitol Hill - my girlfriends took me here over the summer when I got some rough news, and I went back on much happier terms with a bud the other week. GUYS THIS PLACE IS SO GOOD. I got something that tasted like ramen and curry had a baby. It was delish.

  • Little Brother - YOU SEE THAT FUCKING TOAST UP THERE?! Wellllll, it was from Little Brother. Little Brother is basically all of my favorite things in one: great toasts, fancy healthy-ish lattes, fresh juice, donuts, and doggo friendly. All that aside, they have some of the best customer service HANDS DOWN I have ever had in my life. Truly dreamy shit.


  • I started a YouTube channel! - While I can literally see you rolling your eyes from here, I am really proud of myself for finally fucking doing this. For years my students have been asking for videos, and I finally pulled the trigger and put some up. Are they shitty quality? Yes! Am I learning as I go? Also yes! Did I do the damn thing anyway? Yes! Wellness and fitness can be really expensive. I recognize that I am very luck to hold the certifications that I do, and it’s important to me that I share wellness with you in as many free ways as I can. That was a big driving force around creating a YT channel. I’m stoked to bring more to it soon.

  • My Favorite Murder Live - at some point over the summer I got obsessed with My Favorite Murder. It’s a true crime comedy podcast and it makes me giggle. ANYWHO I found out after getting into the show that they were recording live in Seattle recently, but tickets had sold out. I got to go LAST MINUTE and it was just as good as I had hoped. If you haven’t checked them out, it’s worth a listen. Enjoy!

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This post is absolutely not sponsored. It does contain affiliate links, though! I’m not getting paid to mention any of this stuff, I just think you’ll like it as much as I do!

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