Yoga Playlists For Different Class Lengths + Styles

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For as much as I try to pour my heart out to you or entertain you, the most popular blog posts I have ever published are always and forever are my yoga playlists. It’s fine guys, I get it. You don’t want to me inspired to be healthy. You don’t want to talk about ways we can improve our relationship with our souls. You just want some fucking yoga playlists. Can’t I JUST LET YOU LIVE?!

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I am so honored that you like my yoga playlists. I spend a disgusting amount of time on them. The music really makes or breaks the workout experience for me. I like to really get into my movement. It’s my form of meditation. I hope that these playlists help you tune out of your day for an hour or so, connect with your body, get nice ‘n sweaty, and catch an endorphin high. You deserve it!


One hour of moody and electronic jams for a juicy flow.

An upbeat 30 minute playlist for when you only have time for a quick flow.

40 minutes of new music! I used this playlist for the Fabletics grand opening class and it was a HIT.

75 minutes of my favorite rappers for a more intense workout or to change up your yoga jams.

This 75 minute playlist of light-hearted, airy songs for when you need to feel like sunshine.

One hour of indie ballads for a speedy Vinyasa flow.

Oh and if you can’t decide? This is a compliaton of pretty much every song I’ve ever put on a yoga playlist and it’s RAD.

All of my playlists are public and you can "follow" them using Spotify so that they'll show up under your playlists, too! 


I make playlists for my yoga classes, work-vibes, lifts, and more preeetty much weekly and I LOVE sharing them with you guys! Please feel free to use for whatever your heart desires. To my fellow fitness instructors, please don’t hesitate to use these in your classes! Namaste up to date on those playlists, you know?

PS- if you are looking for inspiration for your practice, I posted my first yoga video this week!

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