14 Minute All Levels Yoga Warmup Video

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You guys. I did it. I finally did the damn thing. Am I so nervous that I might shit my pants? Maybe.

For years I have been saying that I would record yoga videos for you guys, but I always chicken out. I’ve been so anxious about doing something wrong, not looking how a yoga teacher should look (what even is that?), or embarrassing myself on the internet that I’ve deleted every video I’ve filmed. But you know what? I have made a goddamn living out of embarrassing myself on the internet. So here I am!

Yoga can be really intimidating. It is hard to find a studio that you feel comfortable in, classes can be expensive, and you might feel a little intimidated by trying something new. With that in mind, I am making a conscious effort to create fitness content to share with you. I hope that these videos make you feel more comfortable moving your body, that they teach you something new, and that they make you feel like the powerful glowing goddesses that you are.

You fucking rock, and I am so honored to share this practice with you.

14 Minute All Levels Yoga Warmup Video

I also wrote a post on how to create a home yoga practice that sticks for those of you that aren’t about the studio life!

I hope that this inspires you to get your ass onto your mat, even if it’s at home! If you have any special requests, things you want to work on, or questions about ~yogaaaa~ let me know below so that I can help you out!

Namaste in the comfort of our own homes and not wear pants,

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