40 Minute Full Body Gym Circuit Workout

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Hello, fine humans!

Today I bring you my new favorite workout formula, the 10-20-30. Essentially each circuit has 3 movements. You preform the hardest movement for 10 reps, the medium-difficulty movement for 20 reps, and the “easiest” movement for 30 reps. Repeat 2 times for a total of three times through. I find that it’s super effective, and having different numbers/movements to think about keeps me on my toes. This took me about 40 minutes, partially because of the different equipment used. I also gave myself about 2-3 minutes rest between each circuit. I KNOW that the erg portion (erg= what rowers call rowing machines) isn’t at all related to the number 20, but let me live!!

How my legs felt after this workout.

How my legs felt after this workout.

This workout is easiest preformed at a gym, or at home if you just happen to be lucky enough to own all of the things. I do not, so I did this workout at a gym. You can (obvi!) sub out movements to be done only using bodyweight or whatever equipment you have on hand. You guys are intelligent, so I trust in your ability to figure that shit out for yourself.

Pin this bad boy and save it for later!

Pin this bad boy and save it for later!

If you need help with the movements -

Box jumps. For an extra challenge, add a squat at the top of the box before you come down.

TRX pushups. If you don’t have access to a TRX, regular pushups are fine.

Rock + Roll abs. Try to mimic the movement in the video, but without a partner. The goal is to use your abs to sit up and roll back down without ever touching your feet to the floor.

Out-in squat jumps. You can change these up by either trying to go really high OR seeing how low you can stay as you jump.

Windshield wiper abs. These will murder your abs. You’re welcome.

For the erg try to stay around 18 - 20 strokes per minute. Use this as an opportunity to row slow and powerfully, vs. really fast and out of control. If you don’t have access to a rowing machine, 4 minutes of any cardio is fine.

My your pony tail be high and your legs be like jello,

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