Favorite Things: January

Pure yoga magic at Earth Wind and Fire.

Pure yoga magic at Earth Wind and Fire.

There might be a time in my life where I will finally elevate myself to the level of Annabel Porter, the blogger behind Bloosh. Both Bloosh and dear Annabel are 110% made up parts of one of my top 100 Netflix shows, Parks and Rec. Top 100, you ask? Don't you mean Top 10? No, fools. I watch a lot of Netflix. It's my happy place.

Anyway, Annabel-fucking-Porter has her shit together. She is a goddess of curating things and making it look seamless. What I'm getting at here is that I am not this human (hello, Lizzie, she's made up), but since you fine people of the internet regularly ask for things that I'm loving/doing/using, I give you this list of things that I was obsessed with in January 2018. Please note how early this is, because it's being published reasonably close to January 2018 instead of, say, May. One small step for the average writer. One giant step for me.

Annabel Porter, ladies and gents.

Annabel Porter, ladies and gents.

In my ear holes

A whole lot of the new Taylor Swift album. A disgusting amount of the new Taylor Swift album. It's so catchy and sassy and great for waking my ass up for early workout classes that I have come to a point where I can't live without. Don't blame me. (PS- if you don't get my clever Don't Blame Me reference this is a sign that you haven't listened to the new Taylor Swift album enough). 

The Heaven's Gate PodcastIf I could've listened to this any faster, I would have. If you like things that seem too weird to be true, this podcast is absolutely for you. It dives deep into a real life cult and interviews relatives, former cult members, and all sorts of experts. It's creepy and fascinating and exasperating and honestly so good that I wouldn't hesitate to listen to it all the way through at least two more times. It also highly improved my morning commutes, so there's that.


The Copenhagen Affair. I love to fall asleep to a good book. Something about the whole ritual or reading before bed is deeply calming to me, especially when it's with one of those silly books that cracks you up. This is one of those. It's fast, it's relateable, it's funny, and it was exactly what I needed after long days of work.

From Sand and Ash. Do you ever just think to yourself I could for for a good Holocaust novel right now? Weird, I do. In fact, I remember telling one of my mom's friends that I was really into WW2 novels back in sixth grade and she looked at me like I had just eaten her cat. I've just always been called to those stories! Anyway, this is a good one. I only cried a small river, versus ugly sobs.

Miracle Morning. It doesn't quite feel like New Years without at least one self-help book, you know? I'm notorious for not being a morning person and I swear this book is stalking me (it shows up everywhere!) so I finally caved and gave it a read. Did it complete change my life? Lol, no. Did it make me more motivated (and able!) to get out of bed earlier on a more frequent basis? Actually yes. It's definitely not the best book I've ever read in my life (the writing is pretty meh), but all things considered I enjoyed it.


Flywheel. You know how I always talk about not being a morning person? Well, I finally decided that I was sick of telling myself that story and signed up for a membership at Flywheel. I never thought that I would be somebody who is excited about spin class, but something about this just gets me. I now love (who am I?) getting up at 5 AM, chugging a smoothie, and then venturing to my bike. It's been a game-changer for how I start my days.

Earth Wind and Fire. You might have seen my recent post about how hard it can be to find a trustworthy yoga studio. I am so fucking thankful that I found Earth Wind and Fire you guys! This studio is less than 10 minutes from my house (thank you, traffic gods), full of home decor inspiration, and heated to the perfect temperature. Goldilocks style. I'm currently obsessed with their Sunday night class. It totally blisses be out and loosens all of the weird kinks that are still lingering in my neck and back. I should probably mention, I'm also on the schedule here! You can find me teaching there every Saturday at 4 PM. Hell to the yes. It's warm there, which is really fucking helpful right now. (I'm freezing).

Real life footage of me right now.

Real life footage of me right now.

Healthy Things

Ahana Nutrition Biotin. Every few years I become totally fixated on my hair. 2018 is quickly shaping up to be one of those years. Because I'm convinced that my hair grows so slowly that it actually gets shorter, I like to employ some extra help. If anything, these are making me think my hair is growing faster which is all I could ask for.

POW Pre-Workout. Is so good. It basically makes my whole body feel like a La Croix, which is the end goal of this basic girl anyway, right? When I need a little extra push to get up at 5 AM (see above), this helps get me going. I also really like that it's not full of a bunch of shit. 

This Oregano Tincture. I should give you fair warning on this one, it tastes awful. But! It is supposed to help zap away any sickness, and January was full of a lot of days of feeling like I was on the verge of getting sick. A few drops of Oregano Tincture helped me keep my sickness at bay multiple times in January. If not forever, then at least until the weekend where I could just chill. Fun fact: Oregano is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. WHOA. If you don't like the taste, you can make your own oregano pills with veggie capsules.

On My Body

Third Love bras. I thought they were some obnoxious internet scam but, alas, they are not. These puppies are the comfiest little cushions I've ever rested my boobies in and I truly have forgotten I was wearing them on multiple times and accidentally worn one to bed. I got rid of all my other bras because-honestly- nothing else compares to this pure luxurious bra experience. It's like a vacation for my boobs. Here's $15 off for you to try them, too.

Stick Fix forever. I hate going shopping for clothes. I am tall-but-not-skinny-and-muscular, so it can be hard to find clothes that I feel are flattering on me. I've been using Stitch Fix for almost 4 years and my stylist is great at picking out clothes that compliment my body. Right now I order a Fix every other month and usually keep 2-3 items. In my February fix I'm asking for more shoes.


Meditating. Even though I'm a yoga teacher, I'm pretty much still in the 100 levels of meditation. Because I still don't have the attention span to actually meditate on my own yet, I use an app called Headspace. This isn't an ad, I just love them. Headspace has an introduction to meditation series that I really loved, and now I'm working on more specific themes like "focus" and "calm". I like listening first thing in the morning to set the tone of my day.

Journaling. In January I also made myself really commit to the practice of journaling every morning. I write down my intentions for the day, quotes that I really need to hear in that moment, cover my pages with dorky stickers, and use it as a compliment to my meditation practice to just really chill the fuck out. I'm totally obsessed with it. 


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