"Beautiful Bodies" Talks About The History Of Diets And Our Relationships With Food

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Sometimes when I'm perusing the internet I will come across a book that sounds right up my alley, download it to my Kindle, and totally forget about. Then, months or weeks later, I will inevitably be laying in bed in old sweat pants from high school that miraculously still fit, wearing a face mask, and I will find these books in my tablet and get super excited. I usually forget where I found out about them, but I am never sad to find these little gems awaiting me in my electronic library. My electronic library that, also, is likely slowly sucking my soul from me like a Dementor, but whatever.

Anyway, Beautiful Bodies is one of these books. I can't remember how I found it, but holy fuck I am glad I did. Bodies is by Kimberley (Kim) Rae Miller and it's equal parts autobiography and history book, which intertwines all the topics in a way that's captivating and at times seriously alarming. Bodies talks about the Kims complicated relationship with her own body, one that I think pretty much every female-identifying-human will find startlingly familiar. She starts dieting at a young age. She gets obsessed with magazines. She works out compulsively. It's a narrative that is so similar I could almost tell her story in my sleep. Could't we all? The book also supplements Kims anecdotes about her personal relationship with food by adding in a shitload of research on the history of dieting. And it's super fascinating.

The best book I've read in a  long  time.

The best book I've read in a long time.

The more I read about the history of dieting, the more I realized how fucking weird it is. To begin with, so many of the things that we have believed forever about food has little or no fact around it. Ugh. Why do we do this to ourselves? I started listing all the diets that my friends or I had followed at sometime through our lives and it was never-ending: paleo, gluten free, vegan, raw vegan, low carb, high carb, no fat, obsessive exercising, juice cleanses, blah blah blah. At one point in the book Kim gets so frustrated with how her body that she consults a medical professional and is told, essentially, that she has BROKEN HER METABOLISM by all the weird diets she's taken on over the years. This something that I think about all the fucking time. What if by playing with what we eat so much we are forcing our bodies to completely forget what it feels like to turn food into nourishment? What if our metabolisms get so pissed at us that they just stop working?

I read this for free using Kindle Unlimited, which I have conveniently linked here for you not once but TWICE! This post is definitely not sponsored by Kindle Unlimited, but it's a monthly expense that I never feel bad about and has brought me many a good read. Including every single book from the Harry Potter series. Cedric Diggory is still the hottest, obviously. 


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What are you reading right now? I would love to hear your recommendations! I read books at the same rate that I eat donuts insanely fast.

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