Wednesday Workout: Full Body Burn With Resistance Bands

GIF courtesy of Tone It Up.

GIF courtesy of Tone It Up.

Let's talk about workout bands. I used to think that they were totally useless. I'm generally a bigger is better type person when it comes to workouts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I tend to want to feel like I'm absolutely dead at the end of a workout. I want to be totally sweaty, unable to move, in need of snacks and bed, ASAP! This, it goes without saying, is not the wisest way to train. It is not the best way to treat your body, but it is a very way to (likely) get injured really fucking quick. So I have been forcing myself to mix it up. Yoga. Pilates. Workout bands. Napping. 

I now like workout bands because I've learned how to use them. Effective workout/resistance band workouts burn my muscles in places that are hard to get to. They destroy my abs, which is my favorite sensation. Also, resistance bands come in multiple levels, so you can choose your own adventure of burning and fitness. You're welcome.

This weeks workout is brought to you by Tone It Up, one of my favorite online health resources. Tone It Up is focused on teaching women about their bodies, fitness, and metabolism. It also is an adorable/fun/v motivational online community. This workout uses bands (WHAT A SURPRISE!) and is also the perfect time to do before work, or when you're really not feeling like moving your body. At all. It's short and sweet. Just the way I like my donuts.

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Also, as promised, more songs have been added to the Wednesday Workout Jams playlist! I like my music to really drive the intensity of my workouts, which is why there is a LOT of rock here. One of my favorite quick workouts to do is to pick a song (lots of good options below) and to do good-old-fashioned crunches to the beat for the whole song. Your abs will be sore forever.

Let me know if you do this weeks workout! I loved all of your posts/messages of soreness last week. Never stop.

Wishing you high ponytails and strong coffee,


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